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Re: SPF problem


The e-mail address you have contacted is related to Debian's web site, not mail services.

On 2019-09-05 19:08, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
I have sent mail to <SOMEONE@debian.org> from my account <MYMAIL@redhat.com>
and it got rejected due to SPF. Despite it should not.

It was sent from which is listed in SPFes for redhat.com
(listed below). So I think the SPF resolution by mailly.debian.org MX is

The SPF rejection was generated by the recipient's mail server, not any of Debian's infrastructure; mailly simply relayed it back to you.

This is a known issue with the combination of SPF and mail forwarding - the recipient's mail server would have received a mail claiming to be from you that originated from Debian's mail server, as it forwarded the mail. This is likely resolvable by the recipient configuring their checks to either ignore the Debian forwarding hop (which should be doable in most setups I believe) or not performing SPF checks on mail forwarded to them.



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