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Debian Wiki - macro like <<DebianCodenameLink(oldstable)>> for translated pages?


I have been meaning to ask this since a while ago.

Not too long ago macros like <<DebianCodenameLink(oldstable)>>, <<DebianCodenameLink(testing)>> have been implemented in the wiki. They get automatically replaced by the link to the correct page and thus the pages don't have to be manually corrected when there is a new release.

Sadly this is not true for the translated pages. So far I opted to use the original macro and readers can then chose to move to the translated page if they prefer. This way at least the link points to the correct Debian version.

Is it possible to implement similar macros for the translated pages. Something along the line of <<DebianCodenameLinkNN(oldstable)>> where NN is the language code, at least for those languages which ask for it?

BTW, I did try a couple of combinations similar to " it/<<DebianCodenameLink(oldstable)>>", thinking that if the macro points to the page Stretch, that would point to it/Stretch, but that does not seem to work. Maybe I am doing something wrong and there is a way to do something like this instead of creating macros.




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