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Recent changes to wiki organisation

A recent reorganisation of some of the wiki has resulted in a change


This page has acquired a section with a list of wiki pages. The links
are (in the main) merely repeats of existing links in other sections
of the page. I have tried to understand what purpose "Wiki pages"
serves and have come to the conclusion that it only distracts from the
pre-existing organised content.

The wiki list contains a number of pages with content that is dated
and positively misleading to a user using a recent Debian printing
system. What sort of impression is given by a LexmarkX2310 page that
conveys zero information?  Also, scanning and printing are not
related; so why the link?

I had intended reverting the page to Revision 24 but it seems more
sensible to avoid involving myself in a process I don't quite follow,
Instead, I will transfer the material I care about to a new page that
will be linked to from Printing.


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