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Re: Debian Wiki - macro like <<DebianCodenameLink(oldstable)>> for translated pages?

On sabato 14 settembre 2019, at 07:56 +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 12:11 AM Beatrice Torracca wrote:

> > Is it possible to implement similar macros for the translated pages.
> It should be possible to do that, the options are:
> > Something along the line of <<DebianCodenameLinkNN(oldstable)>> where NN is the language code, at least for those languages which ask for it?
> * Add a language parameter: <<DebianCodenameLink(nn oldstable)>>
> * Use the declared language of the page that is calling the macro when
> generating the links.
> Personally I like the last option because it means almost zero work
> for translators, they just have to ensure the page language is
> declared correctly, which, from a small sample, appears to already be
> the case for probably many if not all of the translated pages.

Your idea is definitely better than mine

> Would you be interested in working on this? If so, the Python code for
> Debian's custom macros is here:
> https://salsa.debian.org/debian/wiki.debian.org/tree/master/var/moin/data/plugin/macro
> If not I can take a look at how to find the current page language and
> how to detect if the translated page exists, it should be easy to fix
> the code once those are known.

Sadly I am no programmer. I have some very rudimentary skills that
make me tweak some previous code if it is easy to do. This is way
beyond my skills, sadly.

But I made some searches... with almost no useful results and probably
you know all this already :) ... but in case it might help whomever could
work on this these are the results.

There is a macro in the MoinMoing api to find if a page exist:


I did not find anything on a way to extract the iso-code of the language (that does not mean it does not exist). The only ugly workaround I could think of is to search in the raw content of the page for "# language NN".
But since there is the possibility of searching pages on the basis of their language there must be a better way to extract the language.

Thanks a lot for the reply,


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