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Re: one of your primary web addresses ( is throwing 403 errors

On Tue, 2019-09-17 at 15:22 -0600, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> I would guess you've already heard this, but no harm in getting
> extra 
> reports...
> $ for h in $(host -t A www.debian.org | awk '/has address/{print
> $NF}'); 
> do curl -s -w 'remote_ip=%{remote_ip} / code=%{http_code} / 
> connect=%{http_connect}\n' -o /dev/null -k https://${h}/; done
> remote_ip= / code=403 / connect=000
> remote_ip= / code=200 / connect=000
> I am coming from in case that's in play.

Thanks for the report.

I've passed the details onto Debian's sysadmin team so hopefully it
will be resolved soon.



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