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=?big5?B?RURNLaG5oqGq77dzsk2t3KRqr1O95qG5oqGmVaahuuurfrJNrdy0q7J7ISFkZWJpYW4td3d3QGxp Reformulação do web site About the Romanian page Application for a freelance position Attivazione completata ad AMGI informa Blockquotes in web pages broken links in download pages Bug#344107: still links to "installation guide for Debian 2.2" Bug#344107: marked as done (www.d.o: www.d.o/doc/ references older Debian 2.2) Bug#351746: Include usertag explanation on Bug#351896: Remove block on IP address Bug#352115: Debian wiki should look more like wikipedia Bug#352115: marked as done ( no feedback path given) Bug#352115: no feedback path given Bug#352483: link broken on Bug#354414: marked as done ( Invalid URL in jigdo files used to download Debian Stable DVD ISO) Bug#354414: Invalid URL in jigdo files used to download Debian Stable DVD ISO Bug#354432: [debian-i18n] Incorrect Quote in paragraphs with different language cd vendor page and spam; javascript Comments needed: quotes with other browsers Comments on usability issues of w.d.o contributing (was Re: spam title) debian package search dedicated machine Debian Vendor debian-reference link on /doc/ delete Disattivazione completata. distro Re: Driver Enquiry about Linux - Debian Errore di Attivazione ad AMGI informa Re: For Sale: 1/2 million dollars of cable -- liquidating for a little over $140,000.00. Getting Listed as CD Vendor grammar mistake down Incorrect link on security faq (wrong year in url) installation help ISO file not correct ! Re: limitations of reportbug and BTS Marking IPv6 enabled Debian Mirrors Re: mirror size My added vendor list Package pages placeholder Re: problem with sponsor link on front page Problems with bittorrent iso's? problems with Processed: reassign 347922 to Processed: tagging 344107 Remove block on IP address Selling Debian CD's - DVD's Slovene translation sponsor.html is empty Re: Thank You (KMM228883I12177L0KM) Re: Update woody/sarge info in debian-jr webpages Use acronym tags Vendor apply. Forward to Vendor of Debain CD request Vendor of Debian CD webmirror.wml diff Re: Website Design Website Problem: /sponsor.html is blank what is going on Who's using Debian? WNPP packages not showing on up Would like to update CD Vendor Page and add a mirror The last update was on 01:55 GMT Mon May 25. There are 153 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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