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Re: webmirror.wml diff

* Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> [2006-02-15 10:30]:
> Am 14.02.2006 um 23:37 schrieb Gerfried Fuchs:
>>  Should we supress the addition of width="102" height="60" to the HTML
>> output?
> Please do not remove the size! It is needed to display the image  
> correctly and the browser will try to calculate the size itself if  
> not present. That will give serious problems with rendering and  
> layout issues.

 I know that. Though, it is written like this:

The suggested maximum size for your logo is 120x60.

 This is absolutely against the status quo, because it has in the html
page 102x60.

 I'll do two commits then, one changing from 120 to 102 (and bumping the
translation-check header), and a second commit that changes the text
like this:

-The suggested maximum size for your logo is 120x60.
+The size of the logo is 102x60; if your logo is smaller please pad it
+with a transparent border, otherwise it would get stretched ugly.

 I'll be doing so tomorrow if no reply is coming.

 Furthermore I suggest to use content negotiation for the logo file,
only use <img src="sponsor_img"> and let the server find the right one.
That way the mirrors have no problem using .png, .gif or whatever image
format they prefer, without renaming a .png to .jpg...
 That is something that might need the addition of the size directly
into the template because wml can't find the image then itself.

 I guess there shouldn't be too much things that speak against that
change, too?

 So long,
To err is human -- but it feels divine.
                -- Mae West

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