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Blockquotes in web pages

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First: I commited a new page with some notes about editing files. It is a draft currently and can be found at http://www.debian.org/devel/ website/htmlediting

Comments and additions are welcome.

Second: It was noted already a time ago, that the blockquote tag which is for longer citations is misused a lot. Now as noted in Bug #354432 there are problems with usages of <q> within blockquotes.

Further investigation showed up, that it is not possible to add a class "quote" to blockquotes containing real citations to solve that problem. None of the tried CSS selectors did work, if a language is added to the blockquote selector.

But the problem Helge noted out is to be solved, if all misused blockquotes are replaced by a centered div (class centerblock) and blockquote at its own (with and without lang attribute) can be used as selector for CSS.

There are 4030 occurences of blockquote in the web pages. These are spread over 659 source files. I created a list and changed some file not containing a citation already.

A list of files containig the blockquote tag is at http:// www.witch.westfalen.de/debian/diff/blockquote.lst Files already changed by me have "done" in the beginning of the line. Files which have citations in blockquote tag have a blockquote in the beginning of the line. The other files are ncot investigated until now.

Please have a look at the list and look, if there are any problems with the files already changed. It also would be fine, if there are people to help to find those files to be marked as "blockquote", which means all blockquote occurences in these files contain a citation.

You may also feel free to include the author or source of a citation in HTML tag <cite>, which is for this purpose.


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