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Re: About the Romanian page

Hi Andrei,

Am Freitag, 24. Februar 2006 02:15 schrieb Andrei Popescu:
> I noticed some minor spelling errors on the Romanian page. I also made some minor changes to the text. Now it should "sound" a bit better to a native speaker.

That's great. I CC:ed the Romanian translation coordinators so that they can
fix it.
> In order to make the changes I copy-pasted the source from within Firefox and edited it in a text editor. I saved the file using ISO-8859-2 with line feed as row delimiter (these were the only options in LeafPad). The file is attached.
> I'm sure this is not the best way to submit changes, so please advise what method would be more helpful. IOW I would like to contribute more. I thought about doing some translations of pages from debian.org as I noticed there is only one page in Romanian. A list of priorities would be useful, so I can start with the most important ones.

A HTML file is definitivly not the best way to submit patches since the
internal code we use is different (WML format). Nevertheless it is
OK for small changes (but in this case you should send a patch, which you
can create with
diff -u oldHtmlFile correctedHtmlFile > allMyChanges.patch

But the real source you can find in our CVS:

Please see http://www.debian.org/devel/website/ for information to the
development of the web site. There you will for example a list of translation
coordinators and the web site statistics
(which indicate that there are 43 pages translated, not only one).

> I don't know html, but don't mind learning. I also noticed there were two ways of inserting the Romanian characters. Is this absolutely necessary? It will make my task much more difficult if I have to write something like ţ just for one character, and I don't mean only the typing ;)

You don't need to know HTML but it may be useful. Just translate the text and
leave all HTML code untranslated (there are a few exceptions such as
text alternatives to images (ALT="text" tag, ...).

You also have not to type strange HTML entities, these are created by our
build system.

I suggest you extract first the code from CVS and look at existing
translations. Don't worry, there is still a lot to do for you :-)

PS: Please try to wrap you text so that a line is no longer than approx.
78 characters. Look in the list archive for your mail to understand why.


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