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cd vendor page and spam; javascript


At the Vendors of Debian CDs page ``http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/'' the email addresses are listed in plain text form and are easily snarfed by spammers. Since being listed as a vendor I've received hundreds of spams. As you know mail spamming companies tend to burn these addresses to cds to make them available to spammers, however by scrambling the email addresses behind a javascript function it will be more difficult for them to burn current addresses to cd going forward, thus an eventual reduction in spam, for debian/hurd vendors.

I've pasted the javascript wrapper function I have in mind, below this email. The idea is you call it from your main vendor page with the reversed address, and the subject. with for example draw_email('mo' + 'c.dru' + 'hs' + 'u@sre' + 'dro', 'debian_vendor'); to display a mailto link with email address orders@ushurd.com along with a mailto subject. As you can see the address is not just reversed but in the html page it is spaced out into multiple substrings.

My suggestion then is to modify the vendor page with these obfuscated draw_email statements wherever a vendor email is to be shown. Going a step further, the actual vendor names, cd types, and other details can be placed into an array and then just iterated through to generate the vendor list page. I've put up a starting sample for that too. If you take this route the bulk of the work on your part would go towards a conversion function from your original vendor database to this packed array, as shown at the top of the source of the vendor sample linked to below.



function draw_email(reversed, subject) {

var d = reversed.length, str = '';

for ( ; d >= 0; d--) {
 str += reversed.charAt(d);

return '<A HREF="mai' + 'lto:' + str + '?subject=' + subject + '">' + str + '</A>';




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