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broken links in download pages

Starting from November 2005 there is a serious
inconvenience downloading packages from Debian site.

When we click on a link to any package like this

we are navigated to the page with the following

" packages.debian.org is down at the moment due to
performance issues.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have
service restored as soon as possible.

The machine hosting it, saens.debian.org, is also
hosting ftp.debian.org and wasn't able to handle the
load anymore. Therefore it has been disabled.

We're working on resurrecting this service but it will
take some time.

We already got an offer for a new, dedicated server
for it which should be up and running next week (which
starts February, 6th). We're also working on greatly
improving the performance of the used code to further
reduce the requirements for the hosting server.

We have also set up temporary replacement until the
new server arrives, but we can't guarantee for its
performance: pdo.debian.net

You can use apt-file, apt-cache search and findpkg
(--> Google) as a temporary replacement."

I reported about this problem on 11 Jan 2006, but the
problem still exists.


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