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Re: For Sale: 1/2 million dollars of cable -- liquidating for a little over $140,000.00.

I'm agree with you, I signed a couple of day ago and see only spam :'(

Do we need to put a "no-spam" or somethiing like that in the mail address ?

2006/2/7, Craig Hagerman < craighagerman@gmail.com>:
What the hell is with the high volume of spam and not-on-topic mail on
debian-www? I signed up a couple weeks ago thinking I would like to
find a way to help out with debian. Instead I seem to be getting a
daily trickle of spam like the guy trying to sell 1/2 million dollars
of cable. (WTF?). I am on several other mailing lists (such as
debian-amd64) that don't see very much spam at all. Anything can be
done about this?

Craig Hagerman

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