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Re: Blockquotes in web pages

Hi Jutta!

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 08:34:03PM +0100, Jutta Wrage wrote:
> First: I commited a new page with some notes about editing files. It is a 
> draft currently and can be found at http://www.debian.org/devel/ 
> website/htmlediting
> Comments and additions are welcome.

I have nothing to add to the content, so just a couple of small things 
about the presentation:
- There are a few typos, e.g. "termimanl", "seperate", "The title Are the 
  full spoken words", "reqeuested", "Betwenn", "$lt;tt>"
- The text would be easier to read if tag names were formatted 
  consistently, e.g. all lower-case - and enclosing them and attribute 
  names in <tt> would make them stand out.

> There are 4030 occurences of blockquote in the web pages. These are 
> spread over 659 source files. I created a list and changed some file not 
> containing a citation already.

That's a lot. :-( Would it be possible to use WML to translate <blockquote> 
to a <div> on the fly while the HTML is generated? Or should this not 
happen for all blockquote tags?



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