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Re: Remove block on IP address

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 01:08:40PM +1000, Andrew Kovacs wrote:
> I recently changed over from dial-up to ADSL, which includes a fixed IP 
> address, and since then I've been unable to view lists.debian.org.  If I use 
> the dial-up service from the same ISP, I can view this site.  
> I contacted my ISP, to ask if they were blocking my access to 
> lists.debian.org, and they replied that I should contact the site 
> administrator for lists.debian.org and ask to have the block assigned to my 
> IP address (, removed.
> If this IP address is being blocked by your site, can you please remove the 
> block.

I don't know if we do anything like this, but if we did, you should
contact debian-admin@lists.debian.org to have it disabled.


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