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Re: /international 2.000.000 neue Besucher für Ihre Internetseite + Handylogos... 20 Million Fresh E-Mail Addresses [ Incorrect URL for Indonesian internationalization] [ inconsistent list of mailing lists?] [ Broken link] [ error in] [ error on page] Re: [ Missing page on] ATTENTION: THE CHAIRMAN/ MANAGING DIRECTOR CEO Bug#32214: marked as done (stale changelog links) Bug#38922: marked as done (changelog via web) Bug#39452: marked as done (No changelog) Bug#56947: marked as done (can't view package changelogs) Bug#63324: marked as done (changelog link views wrong changelogs) Bug#70659: marked as done (get-changelog displays very outdated info) Bug#72282: marked as done ( can't search for package crypt++el) Bug#72900: marked as done ( cgi-bin/get-copyright and get-changelog CGIs not working properly) Bug#78526: mailto-Action / reassign? Bug#79186: marked as done ( bug-report page (Norwegian) has wrong action url) Bug#80389: marked as done (FAQ-o-matic not working) Bug#80971: marked as done ( /mirror/ needs updating) Bug#81125: marked as done (changelog view on does not work) Re: Bug#82497: /doc/ has some broken links Bug#82497: marked as done (/doc/ has some broken links) Bug#83640: marked as done (web pages: CGIs broken wrt '+') Bug#83640: web pages: CGIs broken wrt '+' Bug#83692: Will be fixed in 0.1.0 Bug#84172: marked as done ( changelog/copyright/... links on don't work) Bug#84322: marked as done (Bad grammar in new maintainer page) Bug#84356: some information missing in "l10n in Debian, view per language" Bug#84425: Incorrect link for colored selected diffs ( Bug#84964: marked as done (no 2001 security alerts in index.html translations) Bug#84964: no 2001 security alerts in index.html translations Bug#85281: marked as done (package pages without sources links) Bug#85281: package pages without sources links Bug#85822: Timestamp page in BTS. Bug#85906: marked as done (missing tag on vendors page) Bug#85906: missing tag on vendors page Bug#86082: Searching in source contents Bug#86806: Disappearing packages Bug#87002: packages.d.o: lists packages that were removed from testing Bug#87229: /devel/people is out of date Bug#87229: marked as done (/devel/people is out of date) Bug#87513: marked as done ( remove packaging manual from Bug#87513: remove packaging manual from Bug#87725: suggesting new links to access package web pages. Bug#87820: Link to Kernel Cousin Debian Bug#88000: marked as done ( gone?) Bug#88000: gone? Bug#88012: debian-events-na archives are misplaced Bug#88012: marked as done (debian-events-na archives are misplaced) cdimage pages in wml Chinese index.wml doesn't build cleanly ddp translated and on-line Re: Debian WWW CVS: french Re: Debian WWW CVS: joy Re: Debian WWW CVS: spanish Re: Debian WWW CVS: wolfie debian-bsd web list archive is alive Future updates to mnogosearch glimpse / mnogosearch ? grill inconsistent list of mailing lists? It's a <small> world (was: Re: Debian WWW CVS: joy) Looking for some help with http problem Martin Michlmayr to be added as FD member moving packages.d.o to klecker Not so silly question about the name of the Hurd people.names Please use english in commit logs Please, forgive me :-) poster links on the logo page problem with emails after cvs commits? Processed: #81898 [Woody only] Download page points to pre-pool location Processed: merging before closing Processed: not only has this been filed already, but it has been filed over three years ago, and it's the oldest living bug report against like, duh. :) Processed: old stuff Processed: Re: #86540 Organisational strukture broken Processed: Re: Bug#84425: Incorrect link for colored selected diffs ( Processed: Re: Bug#86806: Disappearing packages Processed: the pkgindex CGI shouldn't add this stuff for pseudo-packages Processed: three cheers for filing the bug with most inflated severity and under the wrong pseudo-package name. not. Processed: update Processed: will fix shortly Processed: www bug request for commit access s/The Hurd/Hurd/ (Re: Debian WWW CVS: peterk) Spanish translation Timestamp page. typo in constitution. urlcheck for website updated Web page help Re: Web page help. website translation (was: Well done on new devel pages) where can I mirror? wml-izing cdimage.d.o The last update was on 12:38 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 195 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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