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Re: /international

James A. Treacy writes:
 > Peter Karlsson wrote:
 > > I'm thinking of splitting of /international/Swedish into several pages,
 > > and would thus like to create a subdir of /international:
 > >
 > > 1. Should the subdir be written with upper- or lowercase S?
 > I'd prefer a capital because we should have a standard way of
 > accessing these pages and most of the languages currently use
 > an initial capital. The only exception is spanish.

I can change Spanish file names, if this is an issue...

 > There is now a symlink, intl -> international, because of complaints
 > of the length of the urls. Personally, I think this is silly, but I'm
 > only one person. Additionally, there has been some interest that we
 > allow language abbreviations useing the two letter ISO codes. This
 > isn't a bad idea because it is less language specific (it is an
 > international standard after all). Currently, the only one is for
 > Chinese (zh). Thus, the following urls are equavilent:
 >   www.debian.org/international/Chinese
 >   www.debian.org/intl/zh
 > Please give your opinion on this.

I find it ok.


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