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Re: Please use english in commit logs

El Mar 13 Feb 2001 22:21, James A. Treacy escribió:
> There was a short discussion about commit logs on #debian-devel and
> it was felt that commit logs should be readable by the maintainers
> of the website. That means we'd like the commit messages be in English.

	I felt too. Whem I noticed that other translators were commiting logs in 
english, I turned to write messages in that language.

> Feel free to also include messages in your native tongue if you
> think that will be useful.
> As usual, we'd appreciate your feedback. We aren't bofh(*) yet,
> although that is what we are striving for.

	Well, I think (sadly) that english is the most common way to understand each 
other. :-)

	Be well,

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