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cdimage pages in wml


After a brief discussion with Marcin Owsiany who was going to convert
http://cdimage.debian.org/ into WML files, I did it myself, with a little
bit of scripting. (I'm assuming Marcin's idea has support amongst debian-cd

It's commited it to CVS at
:(pserver|ext):(account|anonymous)@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/webwml, module
cdimage. It uses template files from ../webwml which is the webwml module in
the same CVS root -- that's for getting the navigation bar et al.

I'm not sure where do we go from here... :) We should probably arrange for
all previous editors of those pages to have CVS access (Anne Bezemer AFAICT),
and then the admin (Phil Hands AFAICT) can set up a script on the site to
get updated from CVS.

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