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Spanish translation


I have been recently surfing the debian web pages, with my browser
configurated to choose the spanish version. Many of them were some kind
old, and pointed me to the original english one. I write you to know
about the translation process in the debian web page, if there is
someone specially in charge of it, and how can I help with it. I don't
know if involment in this is time consuming. I use Debian for some years
now, and it is time to help all of you developing it. Please, tell me
how can I help...

Kind regards

Luis Gracia Valen
Unidad de Modelizacion Molecular
Dpto. Q. Organica y Farmaceutica
Universidad de Navarra
C/ Irunlarrea 1, Pamplona 31080, Espana
Tel: +34 948 425600 ext 6292 o 6359

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