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Bug#84356: www.debian.org: some information missing in "l10n in Debian, view per language"

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 11:24:15AM +0100, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona wrote:
> Package: www.debian.org
> Version: 20010201
> Severity: wishlist
> When you visit http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/l10n-lang-es
> you can find the list of .po files already translated into Spanish
> (even if partially). But there are several packages listed with a "-" 
> instead of the data about the corresponding po file (see for instance
> the entry for "aegis".
> I guess that some note should be included about what "-" means in
> this context, or to include the .po file if possible, or maybe some
> instructions on how to start the translation for that package, if
> that is possible.
> If somebody can explain me what should be done to start translations
> in those cases, I can write the note myself.

Yes, we need to write some info about how to begin a new translation. Until
we got this writen, you can refer to the good KDE howto on this subject:


(In short, make a pot file (try make <pkgname>.pot in directory po, or look
at the makefile), and translate the msgid strings to msgstr.)

If I can give my advice, don't work on aegis as first try. The use of po
seems perverse. There is a english po file (ie, a "translation to english")
which states:
#       While Aegis was written by an English speaker, this English
#       localization file is necessary, to translate the `terse
#       programmer'' style error messages into something more user
#       friendly.

I've never seen such thing.

Bye, Mt.

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