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Re: Mic. and softphones [was Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop].

> "jackd"

I only can encourage everybody to use jackd for audio, when ever
possible. Jackd by far and away isn't perfect, but it's the most
comfortable [1] way to handle audio connections for Linux.

There's a GUI written by Rui Nuno Capela to handle jackd connections,
called QjackCtl. There are also command line apps to handle jackd
connections, jack_snapshot and aj-snapshot.

If you use jackd, than you only do yourself a favour.


[1] During a discussion about Lennart Poettering I heard how exactly
pulseaudio does adjust the volumes. Another audio engineer said
something similar like "every engineer handling audio in that way, would
be here and now fired". I only can agree.

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