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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

Good time of the day, Camaleón.

Thank You for Your time and answer, again!
You wrote:

> Sure, it's far from an intuitive way for a user to guess how to
> toggle on/ off the selected input. Although "Help" (F1) can indeed
> "help" to find out ;-)

Yea. But for me to use help - I have to feel need of it - and I didn't
as I thought it is enough - to set high volume. F.e. Master has MM at
its bottom meaning that it is muted or not - why that did not put the
same at the capture control switch?! - So it might be evident even for
me :o) - that it has additional control besides volume.
> > OK, I've finished! :o)
> Good to know it is working now for you.

Thank You!
> > N, I have another problem - sound is recorded by ALSA recorder and
> > played by ALSA player. But, I can not hear my voice directly - that
> > is from mic. to speakers - only through recorded file. Do You have
> > any clue on this? What can be the problem?

N -> Now (typo).

> Mmm... no idea but Google seems to provide some hits (keyword: "mic 
> output speaker linux") but I can't find an easy way to get this from
> my netbook. I guess there should be an additional "output" control
> for the Mic and selecting this as the default "output" should create
> the loop but I can only see one general output listed in alsamixer.

> Wait... I just have discovered that by running alsamixer and
> selecting the real sound card (Intel HDA) instead PulseAudio (which
> is selected by default) now I have lots of controls available:
> Master, Headphone, Speaker, PCM, Front Mic, Mic, Beep, Capture,
> Digital and Internal Mic. How can that be? Is PA is monopolizing the
> audio I/O? I'm stumped :-?

I do not like PA. I have only one card (have wiped all I could that was once related to
PulseAudio) - and it is the Intel HDA.

Camaleón, what is the ALSA module line in the base file that loads Your
driver? - I'm going to try to add several additional switches - that
occasionally appeared during turning on the mic. :o)

I try to use my mic. w/ Ekiga - tried to test it w/ its test numbers -
one should echo my speech but I hear nothing - only robot's voice.
Though I see local volume meter changes as I speak - do not know
whither it comes to ekiga side...


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