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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

On Wed, 15 Aug 2012 23:07:22 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

>> > N, I have another problem - sound is recorded by ALSA recorder and
>> > played by ALSA player. But, I can not hear my voice directly - that
>> > is from mic. to speakers - only through recorded file. Do You have
>> > any clue on this? What can be the problem?
> N -> Now (typo).
>> Mmm... no idea but Google seems to provide some hits (keyword: "mic
>> output speaker linux") but I can't find an easy way to get this from my
>> netbook. I guess there should be an additional "output" control for the
>> Mic and selecting this as the default "output" should create the loop
>> but I can only see one general output listed in alsamixer.
>> Wait... I just have discovered that by running alsamixer and selecting
>> the real sound card (Intel HDA) instead PulseAudio (which is selected
>> by default) now I have lots of controls available: Master, Headphone,
>> Speaker, PCM, Front Mic, Mic, Beep, Capture, Digital and Internal Mic.
>> How can that be? Is PA is monopolizing the audio I/O? I'm stumped :-?
> I do not like PA. I have only one card (have wiped all I could that was
> once related to PulseAudio) - and it is the Intel HDA.

Yes, that's also what I have, with the addition of PulseAudio making its 
own party...

> Camaleón, what is the ALSA module line in the base file that loads Your
> driver? - I'm going to try to add several additional switches - that
> occasionally appeared during turning on the mic. :o)

I have none set, I use the stock "alsa-base.conf" file with no added 
tweaks but despite I can see several devices when I choose the Intel HDA 
card from alsamixer, I can't make the Mic to goes out from Speakers.

> I try to use my mic. w/ Ekiga - tried to test it w/ its test numbers -
> one should echo my speech but I hear nothing - only robot's voice.
> Though I see local volume meter changes as I speak - do not know whither
> it comes to ekiga side...

Ekiga provides some tips for configuring the audio:


Anyway, I wouldn't test the mic using Ekiga. I say this because the voice 
quality can be severely affected not just by the application/sound 
configuration/mic but the SIP/VOIP number you're calling because not all 
ISTP provide low jitter and packet loss levels which are vital to obtain 
a crystal clear audio.

Also, note that for these kind of services (Internet calling) is better 
to use a well-engineered and quality headset/device (I'm very happy with 
my Plantronics ".Audio 626 DSP"). There's a highly noticeable 
difference :-)



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