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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

Good time of the day, Camaleón.

Thank You, again, for Your time and answer!
You wrote:

> > Oh, what similarity! :o) Have You ever used Your mic. w/ Ekiga -like
> > software - i.e. can You use Your mic. for talking on Internet? -
> > Meaning this chipset hardware.
> Not from the netbook but from my desktop.
> I started to use Ekiga with a simple $2.00 microhone that I plugged
> to the mic input jack located in front of the case. So far so good,
> this worked fine. As time passed and I found VOIP to be working very
> good, I then "upgraded" (bought) a new device (and USB headset) that
> I simply plugged to one of the USB ports and provided a very high
> voice quality.

Wow! What a setup! I thought You use it w/ 2 jacks.
> Now, back to the netbook, let me try it.
> (configuring a sip account)
> Mmm, I must have some sort of network problem because:
> - Register is okay
> - Sound test from Ekiga is okay (ring, incoming calls...)
> - Placing a call fails ("host is not connected")
> I will have to debug this in deep -time permitting- and tell you the 
> results.


> >> > I try to use my mic. w/ Ekiga - tried to test it w/ its test
> >> > numbers
> >> > - one should echo my speech but I hear nothing - only robot's
> >> > voice. Though I see local volume meter changes as I speak - do
> >> > not know whither it comes to ekiga side...
> >> 
> >> Ekiga provides some tips for configuring the audio:
> >> 
> >> http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Troubleshooting#Audio_problems
> >> http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Audio_setup
> > 
> > I'm convinced - I need to take a couple of Your lessons on web
> > searching! :o)
> They're for free :-P

Wow! It is awesome!! :o) I really appreciate Your contribution You
make for Debian project in general, and me - in particular!
> > OK, in process.
> > 
> >> Anyway, I wouldn't test the mic using Ekiga. I say this because the
> >> voice quality can be severely affected not just by the
> >> application/sound configuration/mic but the SIP/VOIP number you're
> >> calling because not all ISTP provide low jitter and packet loss
> >> levels which are vital to obtain a crystal clear audio.
> > 
> > No, I'm not testing it. I just want to make it using for it now.
> Ah, good then :-)
> But as I told you, your sound/voice quality problem can have
> different sources. As you seem to be able to dial from Ekiga, you can
> try with these test numbers:
> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Phone+Numbers
> I use (+44)148-360-4781, it's very good to test you mic/echo (menu
> "1") and your overall voip quality (menu "3" will give music on hold
> and careful because the two song samples they provide are very
> addictive :-P)

I have read a link from above, yet can not find solution for
my two, now, problems - according to the links it just should work -
because of the new versions of kernel and ALSA:

. Voice redirection from mic. to speakers (they have mentioned on
simplification of SB circuits - and I believe it is my case - therefore
another mic. type is needed - do not know when - if ever - I obtain

. Can not here my voice back from ekiga test numbers nor from the link
above that You gave. - For both calls I can hear sound but it seems
they do not hear me - though mic. volume meter of ekiga - changes as I
speak, so mic. probably works but either it is not send over network (I
checked my firewall and did not see relevelent droppings in my logs),
or ekiga does not get mic. signal - but as its meter reflects when I
speak, then I suppose it is wrong suggestion.

I guess ekiga people should make a diagnostic tool - that audio/net
problems might be inspected more accurate.


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