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Re: Microphone does not work on wheezy laptop.

On Mon, 06 Aug 2012 12:50:48 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

>> Run these command and put here the ouput:
> OK, here it comes:
>> cat /proc/asound/cards
>  0 [SB             ]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB
>                       HDA ATI SB at 0xc0000000 irq 16
>> head -n 1 /proc/asound/card0/codec*
> head: cannot open `/proc/asound/card0/codec' for reading: No such file
> or directory
> What do I miss here?

I don't know... I just have run the above command from my wheezy 
(installed in a netbook) and I got a reply ("codec: IDT 92HD88B1") :-?

Check if there's something of interest in the directory, try with:

ls -la /proc/asound/card[0-9]/*

And also run "aplay -l".

>> It can be that sound card is not being properly detected and you need
>> to pass the "model=" parameter to the ALSA config file. Depending on
>> the codec and your kernel verion, you can edit the alsa configuration
>> file and append to the "options" line a value that matches with your
>> sound card hardware settings:
>> http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/sound/alsa/HD-Audio-Models.txt
> I have searched through the list for "HDA-Intel" - but did not find it,

Before going to the list of HD Intel codecs and select one, you have 
first to know what codec uses your soundcard :-)

> but at the same time I have found corresponding line for my laptop
> model, so I've got the module is called
> dell-m26

Oh, good catch, you can try with that but do you really have an "Inspiron 
1501"? :-?

> Now, where should I put it? Can You bring here the line example?

This has to be placed in "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf", at the end of 
the file add new line similar to this:

options snd-hda-intel enable=1 index=0 model=dell-m26 

After editing the file restart the alsa service or reboot, which is 
usually easier.

(if there's already a line starting with "options snd-hda-intel ..." just 
append the "model=dell-m26" parameter and keep the rest as is)

> My kernel is 3.2.0-3-amd64.

The most recent kernel version is usually the better for hardware 
support :-)

>> It can also be that your sound card chipset is too new for your kernel
>> or alsa version but that would be strange given that your're on wheezy.
>> Was the mic detected before or has never worked?
> Opposite, it is old laptop. And the situation w/ mic was ever that way.
> I'm just trying again to make it working.

Mmm... if it was working before the chances that the card is still 
supported are higher. It could be just that now it requires some tweaking 
or specific settings to make it to work :-?



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