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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

On Wed, 15 Aug 2012 00:25:24 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

>> I don't know how to engage your Capture ports *but* I can tell you how
>> I can turn off mines on the fly: by opening the GNOME applet sound
>> mixer and moving the "Microphone" slide to "Off" :-)
>> So I guess that there has to be a tool to do this from command line.
>> Let me do some search... got it:
>> amixer set Capture cap → will toggle on Capture ports (L/R) amixer set
>> Capture nocap → will toggle off Capture ports (L/R)
> Oh! I have read the links You have provided me w/ and You will lough
> probably - how simple the solution was! - The problem did lay in need to
> press space on capture switch and that's it! - That turned the above in
> question status "off" to "on". That simple! - For sure ALSA developers
> did not go from the point of usability (i.e. volumes higher than zero
> means on and vise versa) - Or at least they could inform user that space
> key should be pressed in order the ALSA mixer will turn mic. on!

He, he... what a couple of "dumbs" that we are. Okay, lesson learnt: now 
we know two ways for enabling the Mic/Capture input from the console.

> Wow! About 10 years I did not use that mic. - just for that wonderful
> ALSA mixer feature! - You know it is not easy to guess - because of the
> rumors of poorly supported hardware by linux OS - especially laptops! -
> Sure, ALSA developers did add some oil to that fire.

Sure, it's far from an intuitive way for a user to guess how to toggle on/
off the selected input. Although "Help" (F1) can indeed "help" to find 
out ;-)

> OK, I've finished! :o)

Good to know it is working now for you.

> N, I have another problem - sound is recorded by ALSA recorder and
> played by ALSA player. But, I can not hear my voice directly - that is
> from mic. to speakers - only through recorded file. Do You have any clue
> on this? What can be the problem?

Mmm... no idea but Google seems to provide some hits (keyword: "mic 
output speaker linux") but I can't find an easy way to get this from my 
netbook. I guess there should be an additional "output" control for the 
Mic and selecting this as the default "output" should create the loop but 
I can only see one general output listed in alsamixer.

Wait... I just have discovered that by running alsamixer and selecting 
the real sound card (Intel HDA) instead PulseAudio (which is selected by 
default) now I have lots of controls available: Master, Headphone, 
Speaker, PCM, Front Mic, Mic, Beep, Capture, Digital and Internal Mic. 
How can that be? Is PA is monopolizing the audio I/O? I'm stumped :-?



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