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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

On Thu, 16 Aug 2012 18:06:58 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

>> I have none set, I use the stock "alsa-base.conf" file with no added
>> tweaks but despite I can see several devices when I choose the Intel
>> HDA card from alsamixer, I can't make the Mic to goes out from
>> Speakers.
> Oh, what similarity! :o) Have You ever used Your mic. w/ Ekiga -like
> software - i.e. can You use Your mic. for talking on Internet? - Meaning
> this chipset hardware.

Not from the netbook but from my desktop.

I started to use Ekiga with a simple $2.00 microhone that I plugged to 
the mic input jack located in front of the case. So far so good, this 
worked fine. As time passed and I found VOIP to be working very good, I 
then "upgraded" (bought) a new device (and USB headset) that I simply 
plugged to one of the USB ports and provided a very high voice quality.

This USB headset has its own audio chipset (mic and sepaker) and Debian 
detects it as an additional sound card without a glitch. Ekiga also finds 
the new audio device so it can be enabled to be the default audio system 
to be used with the application.

But neither here (from the desktop computer) I've been able to get the 
micro going out from speakers and to be sincere, I never tested it :-)

Now, back to the netbook, let me try it.

(configuring a sip account)

Mmm, I must have some sort of network problem because:

- Register is okay
- Sound test from Ekiga is okay (ring, incoming calls...)
- Placing a call fails ("host is not connected")

I will have to debug this in deep -time permitting- and tell you the 

>> > I try to use my mic. w/ Ekiga - tried to test it w/ its test numbers
>> > - one should echo my speech but I hear nothing - only robot's voice.
>> > Though I see local volume meter changes as I speak - do not know
>> > whither it comes to ekiga side...
>> Ekiga provides some tips for configuring the audio:
>> http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Troubleshooting#Audio_problems
>> http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Audio_setup
> I'm convinced - I need to take a couple of Your lessons on web
> searching! :o)

They're for free :-P

> OK, in process.
>> Anyway, I wouldn't test the mic using Ekiga. I say this because the
>> voice quality can be severely affected not just by the
>> application/sound configuration/mic but the SIP/VOIP number you're
>> calling because not all ISTP provide low jitter and packet loss levels
>> which are vital to obtain a crystal clear audio.
> No, I'm not testing it. I just want to make it using for it now.

Ah, good then :-)

But as I told you, your sound/voice quality problem can have different 
sources. As you seem to be able to dial from Ekiga, you can try with 
these test numbers:


I use (+44)148-360-4781, it's very good to test you mic/echo (menu "1") 
and your overall voip quality (menu "3" will give music on hold and 
careful because the two song samples they provide are very addictive :-P)

> OK. I have found that setting model to ref - adds more controls but it
> does not add more functionality - so returned to defaults - i.e. no
> manual specification of module to use.

Yup, that's what I also thought.



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