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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:35:35 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:


>> I will have to debug this in deep -time permitting- and tell you the
>> results.
> OK.


Tested. And not good news ;-(

I managed to place a call with Ekiga with my usual SIP account and using 
the integrated mic/speakers from the netbook and it works... but sadly 
the overall sound was simply terrible, unusuable to keep a conversation.

Thinking the problem could be the bad quality of the sound card, I 
attached my usual Plantronics USB headset, which was detected by the 
system without problems but still the call sound was very bad (very 
cranky with a loud background sound).

I'm starting to think the problem can be Ekiga itself, because using the 
same SIP account, with the same headset, going out from the same DSL 
router and calling the same phone number, in my Lenny system this setup 
works very well but in Wheezy is impossible to use.

In brief: consider testing a different SIP/VOIP program.

>> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Phone+Numbers
>> I use (+44)148-360-4781, it's very good to test you mic/echo (menu "1")
>> and your overall voip quality (menu "3" will give music on hold and
>> careful because the two song samples they provide are very addictive
>> :-P)
> I have read a link from above, yet can not find solution for my two,
> now, problems - according to the links it just should work - because of
> the new versions of kernel and ALSA:
> . Voice redirection from mic. to speakers (they have mentioned on
> simplification of SB circuits - and I believe it is my case - therefore
> another mic. type is needed - do not know when - if ever - I obtain
> one);


Google suggests using "jackd" to get this working (mic going through 
speakers) among other solutions but I don't know if it's worth the 
effort. In the end, what's your goal for having this?

> . Can not here my voice back from ekiga test numbers nor from the link
> above that You gave. - For both calls I can hear sound but it seems they
> do not hear me - though mic. volume meter of ekiga - changes as I speak,
> so mic. probably works but either it is not send over network (I checked
> my firewall and did not see relevelent droppings in my logs), or ekiga
> does not get mic. signal - but as its meter reflects when I speak, then
> I suppose it is wrong suggestion.

It works on my side but as I already told you, is almost unusable. I 
don't know if Ekiga is the one to blame here but trying with a different 
softphone won't neither hurt.

I have in my radar "Jitsi" (https://jitsi.org/), it was an application 
I've been following very close because I like the fact it's written in 
Java thus can be used also from a windows system, although still not 
tested :-P

> I guess ekiga people should make a diagnostic tool - that audio/net
> problems might be inspected more accurate.

Sure. And what is worse, now there is no way to tell Ekiga what input/
output hardware device to choose, it has to be done from the GNOME sound 
applet first :-/



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