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Re: Mic. and softphones [was Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop].

On Tue, 21 Aug 2012 23:30:00 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

>> > May other OS components cause this? Though I do not know what. :o)
>> It could be but I can't guess what.
>> The kernel version? Sure, but sound is working fine from the command
>> line utilities and also from another programs (e.g.,
>> gnome-sound-recorder).
>> The network card? My Lenny system uses a wired card while the netbook
>> uses a wireless adapter but I wouldn't give a penny for that argument.
> Then, Ekiga - diver versions + other versions of sound software? Just
> ideas.

Yes, it can be a mix of all them. 

Whatever, I find it very close to a regression but of course to prove 
that point I would have to do the same testing in the same machine :-)

>> 3 on 3 fails. Wow. I love Linux >:-P
> Yet I really love Linux! Just more work needed, more packagers/testers.
> May, w/ a time I will maintain a package but not for now. But I try to
> report bugs when notice, though it seems a problem: where to send -
> often maintainers would not accept it advicing me to talk to developers
> directly (in my opinion it should not be - because sometimes
> registration is required for that - that the maintainers for sure have
> whereas common users - don't). Report just will be lost, and nobody will
> benefit from it. - It is the rising power of free software, being put
> down for diver reasons - like that simple denial.

Reporting bugs is (more times than I like) discouraging but I find it a 
must to make things better, regardless the result of the report (fixed/
won't fix/closed/forwarded upstream...).

>> > And I saw no more soft phones in Debian from repo.s.
>> There are more (yate, twinkle) but sadly not available for wheezy :-(
> Out of repos/debian security testing is an issue for me here. - Unless I
> make a VM where I will use all such programs from diver sources.

That's being a bit paranoic but won't convince to do otherwise. 

For instance, I do trust Mozilla, LibreOffice repositories (or even the 
kernel sources) as much as I trust Debian's. Of course, I would not 
install a single file in my main system coming from a unknown/
unreferenced site that provides a ".deb" :-)

>> > So far, ekiga is the best option for me, and I would say, most
>> > comfortable its GUI comparing w/ the above.
>> Errr, yes. Although I find more confortable/easy to use the old
>> interface.
> I didn't see those. What do You miss in  new version?

I miss the way the main window shows the elements, now it's confusing. I 
think I get less information than using the old Ekiga.

> I think they have to have an option of logging network connection -
> similar like email clients do.

That's one of the things I miss in the new version, the "general history" 

>> I've never had Ekiga echoing my voice, that's for sure. And not just
>> Ekiga but any other capture audio application I can remember. I don't
>> think this is the default, though, so you will have to fight hard to
>> get that working for you :-)
> Do I recall right saying, You could speak w/ a softphone w/ a person -
> but voice transmission was horrible? - Though echo service did not
> return Your voice back? - In other words, echo service is not a prove
> whither a particular softphone can be of use or not?

Maybe is that I'm confusing the terms, let's see... Yes, I can have a 
normal conversation within Ekiga (I hear the called person's voice and he 
can hear mine and also can take an "echo" test, sound is cranky and 
distorted but it works) what does not work is Ekiga or gnome-sound-
recorder outputing my one voice from my system speakers while I speak.

In other words: I can't play karaoke but still can have a conversation 
using a softphone :-)

The purposes of the "echo" service when using a SIP device (either a 
softphone or standalone hardware SIP phone) are 1) to check that you have 
configured your SIP account with the right values and 2) to test the 
quality of your connection (jitter/latency or packet lost).

>> > OK. Thank You. I just would not install software from non-debian
>> > repo.s. In case I will move it to a VM, then I will try it, though do
>> > not know when.
>> Fair, but the problem is that not all the packages are available for
>> all of the flavours :-(
> I know, that's why I'll keep fighting w/ Ekiga - as the best option for
> Debian currently - the most developed out of Debian available. Until new
> phones come into Debian. Or much time will pass and I will maintain one
> in Debian.

Yes, but when something fails is time to jump (or at least consider) 
another options. Odd thing is that Ekiga (the upstream package) is at 
3.2.7, the same version it had Squeeze and Wheezy/Sid... there have been 
no updates for a couple of years? :-?



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