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are you renovating arts_1.3.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Bug Bug#119836: marked as done (konqueror: animated images should loop [...]) Bug#119836: Wishlist item appears to be done Bug#239306: marked as done (Problems with KPRINTER and CUPS) Bug#239306: Not a dependency Bug#239306: Out of date according to submitter Bug#245339: A new rollax repliccas is in the mark. bricklayer Bug#247396: I think it is a kdeprintfax bug, not efax bug Bug#252412: kopete: Reproduced with more details Bug#255583: kghostview can't print two pages per sheet Bug#256744: Problem? Bug#257386: marked as done (mis-displays kxmleditor's help) Bug#261753: konqueror behavior on file associations Bug#275072: kitchensync crashes Bug#281689: marked as done (reminder bug to move kleopatra back to main after gnupg2 enters Debian) Bug#282134: Test build on mipsen needed for kdebindings Bug#282279: konqueror: I'm experiencing similar, maybe the same Bug#285794: Not fixed in current 3.3.2 Bug#285829: kdelibs-data: Tries to overwrite /usr/share/icons/default.kde Bug#285882: Reassign libart-2.0-dev part to kdelibs Bug#291774: marked as done (libartsc0-dev lacks static libraries) Bug#294331: marked as done (ksirc package should depend on/recommend libio-socket-ssl) Bug#294906: Workaround Bug#294973: gcc-4.0 Bug#297908: marked as done (kmail should depend on procmail) Bug#300499: marked as done (kleopatra needs to move from contrib back to main) Bug#300820: Same with KDE 3.4 Bug#301001: catastrophe Bug#301001: kmail: additional information Bug#301362: bug report update Bug#301971: marked as done (KGlobalAccel conflicts with Mode_switch handling on SunRay) Bug#302508: kdebase-bin: Non-functional key in German keyboard layout when using kxkb Bug#302793: konquest: typo in help Bug#302808: kdelibs: uses invalid C++ Bug#302812: 'man kate' typos: "langages" x 2 Bug#302872: konsole: edit /etc/group isn't reflected in the groups chown with "groups"-command Bug#302872: marked as done (konsole: edit /etc/group isn't reflected in the groups chown with "groups"-command) Bug#302921: Confirmed that kuser now works (4.3-pre2) Bug#302921: kuser: corrupts username information Bug#302921: marked as done (kuser: corrupts username information) Bug#303045: kmail: crashes while deleting files from an imap folder Bug#303097: kuickshow: tmp files for printing put in cwd, fails if no write permissions there Bug#303138: kmail: Trying to use / character in folder names makes odd error message. Bug#303238: kpdf fix for CAN-2005-0064 (bug 291251) was incomplete Bug#303238: marked as done (kpdf fix for CAN-2005-0064 (bug 291251) was incomplete) Bug#303244: kleopatra: configure crash Bug#303244: marked as done (kleopatra: configure crash) Bug#303258: kontact: crash when trying to configure the kmail-part Bug#303266: kde-extras: please remove kvim recommends Bug#303266: marked as done (kde-extras: please remove kvim recommends) Bug#303306: Crash whilst using Bug#303309: kcmshell kgamma opens empty dialog (only ok, cancel etc at the bottom) Bug#303336: kcontrol crashes on the choice of many options Bug#303353: ksplash: blink-based splash screen misses the third seam Bug#303392: kdm: records each login twice in utmp/wtmp Bug#303392: marked as done (kdm: records each login twice in utmp/wtmp) Bug#303449: kdepim-dbg for better backtrace info? Bug#303531: krdc: cannot type password when login into rdc-connection Bug#303537: Antivirus wizard does not create anti filters: clamav Bug#303537: fixed in KDE 3.4 Bug#303537: kmail: Antivirus wizard does not create anti filters Bug#303546: kcontrol: kcm_kdm doesn't allow configuration Bug#303546: marked as done (kcontrol: kcm_kdm doesn't allow configuration) Bug#303598: kopete: Disconnected from MSN Bug#303608: libqt0-ruby1.8: incorrect include in qtruby library badly polutes Module namespace Bug#303626: Fails to print pages in proper order Bug#303627: Always uses landscape format when printing multiple pages on one sheet Bug#303628: Please allow up to 6 pages per sheet Bug#303629: Please support frames around multiple pages Bug#303654: Please, add example files to python-dcop Bug#303708: kopete: seems to cache DNS server information which is bad when network changes Bug#303890: konsole: There is an extra point between symbols which breaks VT100 character graphics Bug#303890: marked as done (konsole: There is an extra point between symbols which breaks VT100 character graphics) Bug#303905: juk: Musicbrainz is not working in Juk Bug#303928: KDE (in Sarge, but not only) Bug#303928: marked as done (KDE (in Sarge, but not only)) Re: Bug#304029: akregator: Always marks old feeds as unread Bug#304147: kiconedit: crashes with SIGSEGV on start-up Bug#304149: apt-get install reports broken package Bug#304199: kdebase: kded uses 100% CPU Bug#304223: konqueror: Changing focus to/from large modified textarea causes dramatic downwards scrolling Bug#304232: kmail: Doesn't set Content-Type header in text part of Multipart/Mixed message Bug#304465: KDE advisory Bug#304465: kdelibs4: Invalid calculation of PCX image properties possibly permits arbitrary code execution Bug#304465: marked as done (kdelibs4: Invalid calculation of PCX image properties possibly permits arbitrary code execution) Bug#304550: kmail: Signatures made by Apple Mail shown as bad when Mutt and Thunderbird show them as good Bug#304679: i386 port should not compile code for i686 Bug#304726: kdebase-data: split off the wallpapers, please. Bug#304801: kprinter: Unable to start child print process (cupsdoprint) Bug#304858: ksnake: changing the number of balls doesn't take effect until the program is reloaded Bug#305014: kdelibs4: fails to build in a clean environment due to a missing includedir Bug#305014: marked as done (kdelibs4: fails to build in a clean environment due to a missing includedir) Bug#305278: kopete: winpopup protocol is not available Bug#305481: knode: Disable automatic setting of Followup-To header for cross-posted articles Bug#305601: CAN-2005-0404: serious content spoofing vulnerability Bug#305709: kdemultimedia-kio-plugins: cdrom eject fails Bug#305942: marked as done (kdenetwork: FTBFS, missing build-depends (really)) Bug#306088: kdebase-bin: Rename xxxxconfig utilities to more consistent xxxx-config Bug#306144: kitchensync: Kitchensync headers missing Bug#306144: marked as done (kitchensync: Kitchensync headers missing) Bug#306171: konsole: fail to regain focus when hovering window disappear Bug#306183: inline pgp does not work Bug#306215: ksysv: Expand runlevel listbox to fit window's width Bug#306336: kghostview hangs reproducible opening a pdf file and sometimes crashes X Bug#306506: kmail: Kmail ignores port when sending mail Bug#306618: konqueror: KEditFileType does not change the default application to open documents, and does not show an error. Bug#306627: kde: Fond antialiasing broken in KDE Bug#306627: wrong return address Bug#306673: Info received (was Bug#306673: kde-devel-extras install fails!) Bug#306673: kde-devel-extras install fails! Bug#306694: ITP: qt-x11-opensource -- Qt 4 cross-platform C++ application framework Bug#306813: konqueror: Right-click bookmark in menu; 'copy link address' only half works. Bug#306845: kopete: connection to msn fail when account name is and xxx is not "com" Bug#306847: kcron: i purged some packages in aptitude. Bug#306951: [KDE 3.4] superuser mode in kcontrol fail Bug#307098: kdelibs-data has /etc/xdg/menus/ which is also in gnome-menus building kdebase-3.4.0 failing CAN-2005-0404: information leak in kmail Re: CiALlS VALLlUM Vl-AGRA Conflict with packages dont be alone Re: Fonts disappeared Gases Price Up Again?? JCkdb Heyllooo, KDE_3_3_BRANCH: kdeaddons/debian KDE_3_3_BRANCH: kdepim/debian KDE_3_3_BRANCH: kdewebdev/debian Re: KDE-3.4.0 install KDE 3.4.0 kpilot bug fixes KDE_3_4_BRANCH: kdeaddons/debian Re: KDE 3.4: kolabwizard doesn't find its own shared library KDE 3.4: packages that require libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-21) kdegraphics_3.3.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED kdelibs_3.3.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED misses shared lib dependencies in /usr/lib/kde3 kdenetwork_3.3.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED kdepim_3.3.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED kdepim_3.3.2-3_i386.changes is NEW kdepim problem kget: crashes when pausing downloading request kleopatra and gnupg2 KOFFICE_1_3_BRANCH: koffice/debian koffice/kexi/debian konsole fixed font kopete cannot connect to msn account "" where "xxx" is not "com" kppp & gateway setting The latest kdewebdev-3.4.0-0pre3 build fails Libqsa package meta-kde_44_i386.changes ACCEPTED meta-kde-extras_44_i386.changes ACCEPTED meta-kde-extras_45_i386.changes ACCEPTED meta-kde override disparity Minor Issues on unstable=>pre4 upgrade New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted! Problems with font settings after last (KDE...) update Processed: add the relevant tags for "HTML Allows Spoofing of Emails Content" Processed: change of address Processed: forwarded to my kde upstream bugs Processed: forwarded upstream Processed: gcc-4.0 Processed: lessening severity Processed: reassign 303928 to kde Processed: reassigning generic screensaver bug Processed: Reassign libart-2.0-dev part to kdelibs Processed: Re: Bug#294973: gcc-4.0 Processed: Re: Bug#303138: kmail: Trying to use / character in folder names makes odd error message. Processed: Re: Bug#305601: CAN-2005-0404: serious content spoofing vulnerability Processed: Re: Bug#306673: kde-devel-extras install fails! Processed: Re: Merge Debian and KDE menu structure Processed: severity of 306673 is minor Processed: still present in sarge Processed: tagging 306951 Processing of arts_1.3.2-3_i386.changes Processing of kdegraphics_3.3.2-2_i386.changes Processing of kdelibs_3.3.2-5_i386.changes Processing of kdenetwork_3.3.2-3_i386.changes Processing of kdepim_3.3.2-3_i386.changes Processing of meta-kde_44_i386.changes Processing of meta-kde-extras_44_i386.changes Processing of meta-kde-extras_45_i386.changes Quality Funding simplified Solid Refinances in 24 hours. Re: Status of KDE 3.4 Test build on mipsen needed for kdebindings /usr/bin/artsd: SIGSEGV in artsd when trying to listen to webradio with noatun xorg & kde-3.4.0 on Debian unstable (apt repository available) The last update was on 19:21 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 293 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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