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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

On Friday 08 April 2005 12:16 pm, Christopher Martin wrote:
> I still want feedback on the new defaults, but please do include your
> display size, resolution, etc.

The defaults you have chosen match the sizes I currently use (10pt).  My DPI 
is set to the actual DPI (80 x 81 px on a monitor with 325 x 241 mm physical 
dimensions running at 1024 x 768 px).  So I'd be happy with them, and 
probably most Western language users who have their DPI set properly, and 
have good eyesight, will too.

(However, CJK ideographs are pretty hard to read at anything below 12 pt.  
AIUI, Gtk has per-locale default font sizes, presumably for this very reason.  
Qt may need something similar to really do this right.)

To those people who have their DPI set intentionally wrong because you use 
bitmapped fonts, I suggest you try installing the xfonts-100dpi package and 
changing your hardcoded DPI to from 75 to 100.


Nathaniel W. Turner

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