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Bug#303546: kcontrol: kcm_kdm doesn't allow configuration

On 07.Apr 2005 - 08:43:50, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On April 7, 2005 07:07, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Package: kcontrol
> > Version: 4:3.4.0-0pre2
> > Severity: important
> > Tags: experimental
> >
> > the kde3.4 kcm_kdm Module cannot be used. When I select kdm and click
> > onto the system-admin button (so that I can acutally change kdm
> > settings) it asks for my password and then throws me back to the
> > "start" page of kcontrol (the one telling the kde version and so on).
> > This happens all the time, so I cannot configure kdm anymore (without
> > editing the kdmrc file).
> Hello,
> Thanks for the report. Well, it works here... hmmm, do any of the other 
> config modules requiring Administrator Mode work? Also, do you have the 
> complete kdebase installed? Let us know if adding packages fixes things.

kdebase is completely installed. However the date/time module doesn't
work either (nor does kfontinst)

I tried to run the kcmshell-thing from commandline:

kdesu -- kcmshell kfontinst --lang de which gave me an error message
box not beeing able to communicate to a dcopserver (and I find that a
dcopserver is exiting under root-id after that). I'm sorry I don't
have the exact message, but I retried to get it in english, but the
second time nothing happend after I was asked for the password. But
now kcmshell kdm works! But in kcontrol it doesn't and after trying it
in kcontrol again, running the kcmshell kdm from commandline doesn't
work and give me the message box again. So here's the translation of
that message:

There has been a problem configuring communication between kde
processes. The system message is:

Authentication Rejected, reason: None of the authentication protocols
specified are supported and host-based authentication failed

Please make sure that the dcopserver program is running!

But the password is correct. 


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