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3dchess 0.8.1-12 MIGRATED to testing 3dchess_0.8.1-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED Finance manager (msg id = Z ) [bts-link] source package libdb-file-lock-perl [bts-link] source package libmail-listdetector-perl achilles 2-5 MIGRATED to testing achilles_2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED adorable Cutie at harrdcore fuckingg! alltraxclock_2.0.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED apple2 0.7.4-4 MIGRATED to testing arping 2.05-1 MIGRATED to testing autopilot 1.21-2 MIGRATED to testing bcm5700-source 8.2.18-2 MIGRATED to testing bcm5700-source_8.2.18-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#129385: marked as done (libguppi15: Umlauts are swallowed) Bug#141656: marked as done (xboing: Mistake in description) Bug#149919: marked as done (wmmand: The executable file name is wmMand instead of wmmand) Bug#174924: marked as done (xboing is locally exploitable - can gain an setgid(games) shell.) Bug#182548: marked as done (c2hs: FTBFS: unable to untar source, problem in tar binary.) Bug#201327: marked as done (libapache-mod-lisp: does case-sensitive compare of response headers) Bug#202458: marked as done (c2hs: New upstream release available) Bug#203494: marked as done (gnome-think: New version is out) Bug#20977: Order Veri.. for phil starks Bug#223174: marked as done (libpalm-perl: FTBFS: Cannot remove .packlist) Bug#230617: marked as done (xboing: Unplayable due to extremely high speed) Bug#235599: marked as done (xboing: Xboing unplayable with 2.6 kernel) Bug#258622: marked as done (drawmap: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: label at end of compound statement) Bug#262321: marked as done (xcircuit: New upstream release available (v3.2.22)) Bug#266080: marked as done (xcircuit: typo in 24-pin IC icon) Bug#269137: marked as done (libguppi16: utf8 strings does not handled correctly) Bug#273702: fixed Bug#273864: marked as done (mod-lisp does not support more than one Set-Cookie) Bug#288202: marked as done (Cannot close pornview) Bug#288202: potential fixes Bug#295302: marked as done (please package 0.7.0beta4) Bug#311676: marked as done (new 0.3.22 upstream) Bug#328910: marked as done (c2hs: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'groff-base') Bug#328954: marked as done (c2hs: FTBFS: Please install groff to use LinuxDoc DTD SGML Text Conversion) Bug#333286: marked as done (xboing: remove score file in prerm, not postrm) Bug#337799: marked as done (invalid paths in c2hs.conf) Bug#338461: marked as done (Missing file "", examples do not run) Bug#338896: marked as done (x10 [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for x10's debconf messages) Bug#341715: marked as done (Specifying BORDER => 0 causes widgets not to be displayed.) Bug#342444: marked as done (sourcenav(GNU/k*BSD): FTBFS: out of date config.sub/config.guess) Bug#342672: marked as done (eco5000(GNU/k*BSD): FTBFS: out of date libtool scripts) Bug#343009: Package explicitely build-depends on g++-3.4 Bug#345100: marked as done (libxine1 makes pornview segfault on startup) Bug#346514: marked as done (gnome-think: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation) Bug#346609: marked as done (3dchess: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev) Bug#346791: marked as done (xboing: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev) Bug#348058: marked as done (galternatives: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation) Bug#350743: marked as done (libkexi-dev: kexidb/connection.h includes tristate.h instead of kexidb/tristate.h) Bug#351050: ipw2200-source: upstream version 1.1.2 available Bug#355025: request-tracker3.4: New upstream release (3.4.5) available Bug#355352: marked as done (FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification 'String::' on member 'equal') Bug#356093: marked as done (FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification ...) Bug#356093: NMU patch Bug#356324: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: 'entry_iovars' was not declared in this scope Bug#356324: marked as done (FTBFS with G++ 4.1: 'entry_iovars' was not declared in this scope) Bug#356373: ipw2200-source: new 1.1.2 debian package available: does not build Bug#356561: marked as done (pppoeconf: does not insert the pre-up line in /etc/network/interfaces) Bug#356736: marked as done (pornview: hangs on startup) Bug#356736: The patch for the fixes Bug#357645: debian patch Bug#357687: marked as done (FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification) Bug#361614: marked as done (libjpeg-mmx: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-amd64 not in the architecture list) Bug#361650: marked as done (epos: [INTL:ru] Updated Russian translation for debconf template) Bug#361665: marked as done ([l10n] Czech translation for galternatives) Bug#361766: marked as done (FTBFS with G++ 4.1: no matching function) Bug#361766: patch Bug#361766: status Bug#362292: jython: FTBFS: Obsolete Build-Depends on python2.1 Bug#363482: Proposed fix for update-fonts-alias /etc/X11/fonts/X11R7 heirarchy Bug#363977: marked as done (Spelling mistake in package description) Bug#364085: marked as done (type1inst long description references makepsres which is no longer shipped) Bug#364801: marked as done (sourcenav: Installs manpages under wrong dir) Bug#364801: sourcenav: Installs manpages under wrong dir Bug#365566: libpalm-perl: No code in package (only documentation) Bug#365566: marked as done (libpalm-perl: No code in package (only documentation)) Bug#366184: [Debian-haskell] libghc6-FOO-dev packages should Pre-Depends on ghc6 Bug#366184: libghc6-FOO-dev packages should Pre-Depends on ghc6 Bug#366206: ttf-thryomanes: dangling symlinks / typo Bug#367077: installwatch: Segmentation faults on mkdir, cp Bug#367242: .desktop file Bug#367242: Updated .desktop Bug#367277: diskless: Spanish debconf translation Bug#367277: marked as done (diskless: Spanish debconf translation) Bug#367719: libslbreflex2: must use invoke-rc.d Bug#367719: marked as done (libslbreflex2: must use invoke-rc.d) Bug#367744: libcteco50000: must use invoke-rc.d Bug#367744: marked as done (libcteco50000: must use invoke-rc.d) Bug#367840: marked as done (xboing: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#367949: libjpeg-mmx-progs: djpeg-mmx executable missing Bug#367967: no .desktop file Bug#368234: pmidi: Doesn't work Bug#368515: Removal of libgtk1.2 python bindings (meta-bug) Bug#368525: libgtk1.2 is obsolete, please port to gnome-python Bug#368526: libgtk1.2 is obsolete, please port to gnome-python Bug#368825: x10-automate lacks a .desktop file Bug#368876: contains /usr/X11R6/bin - conflicts with x11-common Bug#368876: marked as done (contains /usr/X11R6/bin - conflicts with x11-common) Bug#368886: marked as done (spe startup process crash) Bug#368886: spe startup process crash Bug#368957: marked as done (No .desktop file installed) Bug#368957: No .desktop file installed Bug#368970: libmusicbrainz-2.1: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD Bug#368970: marked as done (libmusicbrainz-2.1: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD) Bug#369272: Appears to be fixed (was Re: Bug#369272: Acknowledgement (python2.3-musicbrainz: Version 2.1.2-5 is uninstallable)) Bug#369272: marked as done (python2.3-musicbrainz: Version 2.1.2-5 is uninstallable) Bug#369272: python2.3-musicbrainz: Version 2.1.2-5 is uninstallable Bug#369418: falselogin: segfaults when no waiting time is specified Bug#369418: Problem solved in next upload Bug#369443: no /usr/X11R6 directory makes pornview segfault on startup Bug#369533: spim hangs after start Bug#369726: xcircuit 3.6.24-1 unusable on amd64 Bug#41046: Possible fix c2hs 0.13.6-5 MIGRATED to testing c2hs_0.13.6-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED captivating Womans doing good-looking bloowjob! cfi 3.0-6 MIGRATED to testing cl-ftp 1.3.3-1 MIGRATED to testing coldsync 3.0+pre3-3 MIGRATED to testing coldsync_3.0+pre3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED directvnc 0.7.5-8 MIGRATED to testing directvnc_0.7.5-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED distributed-net_2.9008.490-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED doc-linux-sv REMOVED from testing doxymacs REMOVED from testing drawmap 2.5-2 MIGRATED to testing eco5000_0.9.8-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED eco5000_0.9.8-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED elisp-manual-ja 20-2.5-jp-7 MIGRATED to testing emacs-lisp-intro-ja 1.05+0.96-8 MIGRATED to testing emacs-manual-ja 20.6-4 MIGRATED to testing epic4-script-light 1:2.8.0-4 MIGRATED to testing epic4-script-light_2.8.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED epos_2.5.36-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED f-prot-installer 0.5.22 MIGRATED to testing f-prot-installer_0.5.22_i386.changes ACCEPTED please remove alltraxclock2, its a copy of alltraxclock please remove moniwiki from sid/etch galternatives 0.13 MIGRATED to testing galternatives 0.13.1 MIGRATED to testing galternatives_0.13.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnobog override disparity gnobog REMOVED from testing gnobog_0.4.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-iconedit override disparity gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-10_i386.changes REJECTED gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-think 0.2.1-1 MIGRATED to testing gnome-think_0.2.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED gtk-engines-thinice override disparity gtk-engines-thinice_1.0.4-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED guppi_0.40.3-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED Have you ever seen nice Womans get fuucked in every holes? Have you ever seen splendid Cuties get fuckked in every holes? hey hwb 1:040412-2 MIGRATED to testing hwb_040412-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED installwatch 0.7.0beta4-1 MIGRATED to testing installwatch_0.7.0beta4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED iroffer 1.4.b03-1 MIGRATED to testing iroffer_1.4.b03-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ivi_0.4.pre.20031121-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache-mod-lisp 2.43-1 MIGRATED to testing libjpeg-mmx_0.1.5-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libmusicbrainz-2.1 2.1.2-4 MIGRATED to testing libmusicbrainz-2.1_2.1.2-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED libpalm-perl 1.3.0-6 MIGRATED to testing libpalm-perl_1.3.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED libperlmenu-perl 4.0-4 MIGRATED to testing libperlmenu-perl_4.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libsufary-ruby 9 MIGRATED to testing libsufary-ruby_9_i386.changes ACCEPTED libticables3_3.9.6-8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED LOOK FOR LIFE PARTNER messagewall-dfsg_1.0.8-5_amd64.changes is NEW mrt 2.2.2a-5 MIGRATED to testing neutrino 0.8.4-6 MIGRATED to testing njbtools 0.0.1-2 MIGRATED to testing ogle-gui_0.9.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED ogle_0.9.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED pfe_0.33.34-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED phalanx 22-17 MIGRATED to testing plucker_1.8-12_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED pmidi 1.6.0-1 MIGRATED to testing pornview_0.2pre1-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED ppxp_0.2001080415-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processed: [bts-link] source package libmail-listdetector-perl Processed: blockers Processed: checkinstall / installwatch segfault Processed: Fixed in NMU of estic 1.61-18 Processed: merging 358506 334361 Processed: NMU patch Processed: package not in testing -> package should go in only if gcc-4.1 compatible Processed: Problem solved in next upload Processed: Re: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: 'entry_iovars' was not declared in this scope Processed: retitle 367967 to vipec: please include .desktop file, severity of 367967 is wishlist Processed: same bugs, sorry Processed: sourcenav: Installs manpages under wrong dir Processed: tagging 22224 Processed: tagging 358506 Processing of 3dchess_0.8.1-12_i386.changes Processing of achilles_2-6_i386.changes Processing of alltraxclock_2.0.2-1_i386.changes Processing of bcm5700-source_8.2.18-2_i386.changes Processing of c2hs_0.13.6-5_i386.changes Processing of coldsync_3.0+pre3-3_i386.changes Processing of directvnc_0.7.5-8_i386.changes Processing of distributed-net_2.9008.490-3_i386.changes Processing of eco5000_0.9.8-4_i386.changes Processing of eco5000_0.9.8-5_amd64.changes Processing of epic4-script-light_2.8.0-4_i386.changes Processing of epos_2.5.36-7_i386.changes Processing of f-prot-installer_0.5.22_i386.changes Processing of galternatives_0.13.1_i386.changes Processing of gnobog_0.4.3-3_i386.changes Processing of gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-10_i386.changes Processing of gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-11_i386.changes Processing of gnome-think_0.2.1-1_i386.changes Processing of gtk-engines-thinice_1.0.4-3_amd64.changes Processing of guppi_0.40.3-16_i386.changes Processing of hwb_040412-2_i386.changes Processing of installwatch_0.7.0beta4-1_i386.changes Processing of iroffer_1.4.b03-1_i386.changes Processing of ivi_0.4.pre.20031121-4_i386.changes Processing of libjpeg-mmx_0.1.5-4_i386.changes Processing of libmusicbrainz-2.1_2.1.2-5_amd64.changes Processing of libpalm-perl_1.3.0-6_i386.changes Processing of libperlmenu-perl_4.0-4_i386.changes Processing of libsufary-ruby_9_i386.changes Processing of libticables3_3.9.6-8_amd64.changes Processing of messagewall-dfsg_1.0.8-5_amd64.changes Processing of ogle-gui_0.9.2-3_i386.changes Processing of ogle_0.9.2-3_i386.changes Processing of pfe_0.33.34-7_i386.changes Processing of plucker_1.8-12_powerpc.changes Processing of pornview_0.2pre1-6_i386.changes Processing of ppxp_0.2001080415-15_i386.changes Processing of psys_1.56-4_i386.changes Processing of pyching_1.2.2-1_i386.changes Processing of qglviewer_1.4-3_i386.changes Processing of qla2x00_8.00.02-3_i386.changes Processing of qtorrent_2.9.1-5_amd64.changes Processing of rhyme_0.9-6_i386.changes Processing of rioutil_1.4.4-3_amd64.changes Processing of rtlinux_3.1pre3-3_i386.changes Processing of slbreflex_2.2.0-9_i386.changes Processing of sourcenav_5.1.4-3_i386.changes Processing of sourcenav_5.1.4-4_i386.changes Processing of sourcenav_5.1.4-5_amd64.changes Processing of spim_7.2.1-1_i386.changes Processing of sppc_1.0.1-9_i386.changes Processing of svn-arch-mirror_0.4.3-2_i386.changes Processing of svn-arch-mirror_0.4.4-1_amd64.changes Processing of synopsis_0.5.0-5_i386.changes Processing of thai-system_3_i386.changes Processing of type1inst_0.6.1-6_i386.changes Processing of unalz_0.55-1_i386.changes Processing of vbs_1.4.0-9_powerpc.changes Processing of websieve_0.62-2_i386.changes Processing of x10_1.06-14_i386.changes Processing of xcircuit_3.6.24-1_i386.changes Processing of xgsmlib_0.2-6_powerpc.changes Processing of zope-zshell_1.60-3_i386.changes psys_1.56-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED pyching_1.2.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED qglviewer_1.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED qla2x00 8.00.02-3 MIGRATED to testing qla2x00_8.00.02-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED qtorrent 2.9.1-5 MIGRATED to testing qtorrent_2.9.1-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED request-tracker3.4 3.4.4-2 MIGRATED to testing rfb 0.6.1-12 MIGRATED to testing rhyme 0.9-6 MIGRATED to testing rhyme_0.9-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED rioutil_1.4.4-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED rscheme MIGRATED to testing rtlinux_3.1pre3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED simulavr MIGRATED to testing slbreflex_2.2.0-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED sourcenav_5.1.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED sourcenav_5.1.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED sourcenav_5.1.4-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED spe 0.8.2a+repack-0.1 MIGRATED to testing spim 7.2.1-1 MIGRATED to testing spim_7.2.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED sppc 1.0.1-9 MIGRATED to testing sppc_1.0.1-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED svn-arch-mirror 0.4.4-1 MIGRATED to testing svn-arch-mirror_0.4.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED svn-arch-mirror_0.4.4-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED svncviewer 1:0.1.1-8 MIGRATED to testing synopsis_0.5.0-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED tela 2.0-11 MIGRATED to testing thai-system_3_i386.changes ACCEPTED type1inst 0.6.1-6 MIGRATED to testing type1inst_0.6.1-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED unalz 0.55-1 MIGRATED to testing unalz_0.55-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED vbs_1.4.0-9_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED vcg 1.30debian-5 MIGRATED to testing websieve override disparity websieve_0.62-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED x10 1.06-14 MIGRATED to testing x10_1.06-14_i386.changes ACCEPTED xboard 4.2.7-4 MIGRATED to testing xbox-raincoat 0.10-1 MIGRATED to testing xcircuit 3.6.24-1 unusable on amd64 xcircuit_3.6.24-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED xclass 0.8.3-4 MIGRATED to testing xgsmlib_0.2-6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED xsysinfo 1.7-3 MIGRATED to testing Youngest well-favoured Woman fuckedd by oldman. zope-zshell_1.60-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 19:06 GMT Tue Mar 15. 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