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xcircuit 3.6.24-1 unusable on amd64

Hi -

I don't mean to complain, but the recent upload of xcircuit 3.6.24-1
to unstable is completely unusable for me on amd64.  This is unlike
any previous version of xcircuit.  I get segfaults or illegal
instruction crashes within half-a-dozen X actions.

This is true even when I rebuild from sources, either in or out
of the Debian package framework.  I note a large number of 64-bit
concerns flagged by the compiler (gcc-4.0.4), about half of them
in the Xw widget set.  I tried fixing some of the worst of these,
and using gdb to find details of the crash, but have not yet
succeeded in finding or fixing the problem(s).

This leaves me with a number of questions:
1. does anyone else see this behavior?
2. is xcircuit the only Debian package using Xw?
3. where did upstream (that's you, Tim) get that copy of Xw
   (and are you maintaining that copy yourself)?
4. will upstream accept 64-bit cleanups (and do you have
   access to a 64-bit machine to test them)?
5. will this be the kick in the pants I need to become
   a Debian Developer and adopt this package?

   - Larry

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