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Bug#343009: Package explicitely build-depends on g++-3.4

This bug explicitly build-depends on g++ 3.4 on arm, hppa and m68k
because of a bug that has been fixed a long time ago.  This bug asking
you to move to gcc 4.x has been open for about 150 now days without
any answer from you.  Do you think you will make an upload soon,
moving to 4.x on all platforms (i.e. dropping the explicit
build-depends on 3.4) or can we do an NMU?

Or rather, since this is a QA package, should it be removed?  The
changelog suggests so:

okle (0.4+cvs20040728-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Orphan. Upstream is dead, and kaffeine is now superior in every way.

 -- Christopher Martin <chrsmrtn@debian.org>  Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:33:30 -0400


     * #333816: O: okle -- DVD player for KDE
       Package: wnpp; Reported by: Christopher Martin <christopher.martin@utoronto.ca>; 201 days

Yep, yep... Andrew?
Martin Michlmayr

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