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apt-get'able hppa Debian repository Automount support in woody stock kernel Re: Bug#208928: gdb doesn't build on hppa buildd: please upload hppa of distcc 2.10.1-2 C180 woody install problem Fw: coIIege naive girIs ready for H/\RD /\CTlON MHa cJy q u wD kTM xnkPl Re: How could HP help Debian Re: HP 712/60 HP 712/60 and X windows HP9000 C240 problem with the system base HP B132L hangs Re: HPPA still *ed... installation problem lifimage-2.4.22-pa6-20030903.gz on 715/64 with 3 disks Invitation to the 8th Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting kernel building problems: low-latency and pre-emptive patches kernel in parisc-linux CVS: binfmt_som.c:216:2: #error "Fix security hole before enabling me" Keyboard and Video adapter libffi on HPPA [was: Re: How could HP help Debian] __NR_ipc undefined parisc boot failure caused by setserial Re: [parisc-linux] HP B132L hangs Re: [parisc-linux] Win2k server boot howto Returned mail Still a problem with XF86Config-4 Unable to boot on HP 9000 C240 Using parted to resize partitions in a Woody HPPA system Win2k server boot howto XF86Config-4 The last update was on 12:34 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 85 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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