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Re: How could HP help Debian

> Well, okay, I forgot about the idea of doing it in userspace if you
> say so, but would you be able to point me to some discussion that
> led to this conclusion? I looked at debian-hppa archives in previous
> months but found nothing related (judging from topics).

Come to OLS! :-)

You can't really do it in userspace -- bascially to implement atomic 
c-a-s, you are doing it inside a locks. If you try to do two "atomic" 
cas ops, one inside a signal handler, it's possible to get a deadlock.

> So I'd like to know whether HPPA has sane implementation of pthread
> locks? 

it works, mostly :)

> Well - as I said before - my main objective is to get SableVM working
> for HPPA (which is not that bad goal in your eyes, I hope ;-) so if
> I could go with pthread implementation for now - then OK.

yes, actually i played with sablevm some time ago... 

> In such case the LIBFFI implementation would be the key for it.
> I am not an expert here, but from SableVM sources I may say that
> it uses a lot of ffi_type_*, once ffi_prep_cif and some ffi_call.

yup, that much should be working. i don't have a patch for you to try
yet, i'll try to send you something while i'm on the road.... 

> PS: Do you have any mechanism of CPU-affinity supported in your kernels?

AFAIK the cpu-affinity code in 2.5/2.6 kernel is arch-independent, so it
"should" work. if it doesn't, feel free to post to the parisc-linux list
and we'll try to fix it.


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