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Re: HP 712/60

Larry Crouch said:
> I'm still trying to get this HP 712/60 to boot Debian from a Windows
> computer.
> I thought the HP was downloading because there is a lot of activity on the
> network hub.
> After running TDImon (sysinternals.com) I discovered that the HP and my SNTP
> service are playing ping pong. Over 20,000 packets in 5 minutes.
> Anyone hear of an rboot service for windows. *Apparently* the HP will not
> boot from a bootp/dhcp service.

This might sound silly, but try shutting down your SNTP service manually
before booting the 712.  I think the 712 is trying to sync its onboard
clock before proceeding with the bootp query, and not understanding what
your Windows server is telling it.


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