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Re: Automount support in woody stock kernel

Hi, Joel, everybody...

I've just checked out, and I already have libc6 and gcc installed. I've just browsed the stable packages list, and got kernel-source-2.4.18-hppa 12.1 as the newer one. Do you think that it would work? And about the config stuff: I think that starting witk a working configuration and add the stuff I need (automount, samba) would be nice. Is there any way to start menuconfig with a "stock" configuration to begin with? And about optimization, any hints (my machine is a C110 120 MHz with 4GB hard disk, 128MB of RAM and one PA7200 CPU)

Well, this will be a first-time newbie kernel compilation, so *all* help will be really welcome :-)

Thanks in advance,

Joel Soete wrote:

Joao Carlos de Lima Roscoe wrote:

Hi everybody,

As far as I could understand, the stock kernel in my brand-new debian install (woody in a 9000 c110) does not support automount. I could not find any suitable module in my install, neither. Is it the only way install all development packages and compile my own custom kernel, or am I missing something?

You have right (afaik install binutils libc6 (the glibc pkg) and gcc, corresponding to your install ie stable, testing or unstable and a kernel source pakage with a preference for a recent one 2.4.20 or 2.4.21).


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