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installation problem lifimage-2.4.22-pa6-20030903.gz on 715/64 with 3 disks

since I tried to install Debian PA-Linux on my old 715/64 with 3 disks 
I think there is a little problem concerning the busybox used in 

I do install my box via lan (that works great and just as You have
described). Simply I serve that lifimage mentioned above. 

Basically the installation procedure works as expected, but it fails
reproducably to format any Linux-Partitions that are not on the same
disk as the root-filesystem. Partitioning works, but mke2fs fails in
the last step (building accounting information). In fact mke2fs
crashes and is defunct.

Also accessing other partitions, that can be formatted by the fully
installed system without any problem, leads to problems. I saw as
- sync
- rm
- kjournald
- init (yes of course!)

This all leads me to think there could be a problem in busybox.

I hope this information would help. 

Thank You for Your phantastic work!


Torsten Finke



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