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Re: Still a problem with XF86Config-4

Laurent Decreusefond wrote:

I grabbed kernel-image-2.4.20-32 fron debian.org testing, I have never been so far since now i see some informations on the boot screen on mouse and HIL keyboard which are recognized ... but booting is stuck at "Setting System clock using the hardware clock as reference"

I already did mknod §dev§rtc c 10 135

but to no avail. Any idea ?

Le Mercredi 3 Septembre 2003 20:39, Joel Soete a écrit :
Laurent Decreusefond wrote:
Thanks to the advices of Jan-Benedict, I have been able to set up a
working X server ... without a working mouse and a good keyboard. I still
have a 715/50 with  standard HP keyboard and mouse.
What is the input port of the mouse or at least could I know it ?
/dev/ttyS0 ? /dev/psaux ?
Sorry I didn't follow this thread but I trust that your keyboard/mouse
are of hil model and imo this:
<http://parisc-linux.org/faq/index.html#configkeyb> would help you.


Hello Laurent,

Unfortunately, I don't have any 715 model and no experince with this system :(

May be could you try first to by-pass hwclock*.sh (rename those file in /etc/init.d into *.sh.save or edit each file and put a 'exit 0' at the begining of those sh scripts).

btw another good source of info is the pa-ml: <http://parisc-linux.org/mailing-lists/index.html> (mainly the link to "*parisc-linux* [archive <http://lists.parisc-linux.org/pipermail/parisc-linux/>]") and search google engine :)


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