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Re: Keyboard and Video adapter

Grant Grundler wrote:

On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 05:15:03PM +0530, Rama Newsprint wrote:
Where can I obtain the following Keyboard/Mouse and Video adapters for HP B180 & HP715 machines

1) Adapter/Convertor for = HIL Keyboard and Mouse to be connected to a HP B180 machine which has only PS/2 port and no HIL port

I'm only a aware of HIL to PS/2 converter, not the inverse.
May be it could be helpfull to notice that (afaik) all basic ps/2 keyboard/mouse (the original hp is a 101 keys for us model) should be used.

2) Adapter/Convertor for = VGA/SVGA monitor to be connected to a HP-ux 715/50Mhz workstation which has RGB 9Sync on Green) ourput (Three separate BNC connectors)

Never heard of this either. But the old RGB/SoG monitor should be
available via ebay or something (A4043 perhaps).



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