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Re: Automount support in woody stock kernel

Joao Carlos de Lima Roscoe writes...

> Hi everybody,
> As far as I could understand, the stock kernel in my brand-new debian 
> install (woody in a 9000 c110) does not support automount. I could not 
> find any suitable module in my install, neither. Is it the only way 
> install all development packages and compile my own custom kernel, or am 
> I missing something?

I filed a wishlist bug against the kernel-patch-2.4.21-hppa package to have 
autofs turned on as modules.


If/When it gets added(to that or a future version of the kernel-patch 
package based on a newer kernel) you'll be able to install one of the 
resulting kernel-image packages from unstable and have autofs. Those 
kernel-image packages may eventually find their way into a woody point 
release, but no one knows for sure. They will be in future major releases.

In order for the default Debian install to support it, the installer will 
need to rebuilt using one of the fixed kernel-image packages mentioned 
above. The ESIEE guys do this periodically and make them available at,


Maybe if this wishlist bug gets fixed they will generate some new ones with 
the fix.

If you don't want to wait for all this to happen then you'll need to 
rebuild your own kernel yourself as others have suggested. I suggest using 
the Debian make-kpkg(1)(part of the "kernel-package" package) process so 
that the resulting kernel is a normal kernel-image debian package.


Matt Taggart

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