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Francia en alta velocidad con hasta 50% dto. ¡Últimas plazas! Ihre neue Heizung: kostenlos dank staatlicher Förderung Los ladrones vigilan casas constantemente: elige la alarma más segura ¿Es posible tener todas las agendas en una? Bug#119911: still worked in Bug#244582: marked as done (ITP: ufoai -- UFO: Alien Invasion - build your team and stop the aliens) Bug#255572: hi what its the estatus of this package? Bug#255572: ITP: cc65 -- Cross development suite for 65xxx processors, necesary for nesicide env Bug#258096: Happy New Year Bug#258096: Urgent loans Bug#314915: gifshuffle -- GIF colourmap steganography program Bug#390833: marked as done (O: wdg-html-validator -- WDG HTML Validator) Bug#395843: wgs-assembler is now canu Bug#442363: ITP: php-db-dataobject -- SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables Bug#484545: marked as done (O: mediawiki-extensions -- Extensions for MediaWiki -- Meta package) Bug#511155: marked as done (RFP: zoom -- graphical interpreter for Infocom-format games) Bug#521927: marked as done (ITA: editobj -- Pyton object editor) Bug#554155: marked as done (ITP: mysql-sandbox -- manages multiple, sandboxed instances of mysql servers on the same machine) Bug#590778: RFA: trac-spamfilter -- Spam-prevention plugin for Trac Bug#603116: marked as done (RFP: libx11-xcb-perl -- perl bindings for libxcb) Bug#603178: iem_bin_ambi will be integrated into iem_ambi Bug#605090: Bug#610087: ITP: corsix-th -- Open source clone of Theme Hospital Bug#614275: marked as done (O: decibel-audio-player -- simple and nice music player for) Bug#617820: biosdevname: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#618312: marked as done (O: decibel-audio-player -- simple and nice music player for) Bug#622324: marked as done (RFP: jlm -- Learning Management System for the Java programming language) Bug#636679: marked as done (RFP: apitrace -- tool for debugging OpenGL applications and drivers) Bug#639910: Packaging sbt Bug#651606: marked as done (ITP: gitlab -- git project/repository hosting management app) Bug#654924: [Pkg-tigervnc-devel] Bug#654924: Bug#654924: Helping with tigervnc 1.5.0 Bug#654924: [Pkg-tigervnc-devel] Bug#654924: Helping with tigervnc 1.5.0 Bug#654924: Helping with tigervnc 1.5.0 Bug#658261: RFP: NESICIDE - An Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System Bug#658584: marked as done (RFP: zed -- abstract engine for text edition in OCaml) Bug#659069: why hasn't this been packaged yet? figured Debian folks would be all over it Bug#661840: marked as done (ITP: rfcdiff -- IETF Internet Draft Difference Tool) Bug#664094: marked as done (O: pilot-manager -- PalmPilot PIM, UI, and Conduit Manager) Bug#666723: marked as done (RFP: sptk -- speech signal processing toolkit) Bug#669225: marked as done (ITP: sqlite3-pcre -- Perl-compatible regular expression support for SQLite3) Bug#671282: marked as done (RFP: irstlm -- IRST Language Modeling Toolkit) Bug#673203: ITA: snd -- Sound file editor Bug#673203: marked as done (ITA: snd -- Sound file editor) Bug#673882: marked as done (ITP: librem -- Audio and video processing media library) Bug#678947: Aw: Re: RFP: M64Py -- Mupen64Plus 2.0 GUI frontend written in python Bug#678947: RFP: M64Py -- Mupen64Plus 2.0 GUI frontend written in python Bug#686447: What can be done to make zfs-linux easier to review? Bug#688873: marked as done (ITP: nomacs -- capable Qt multi instance image viewer) Bug#693230: Bug#806572: RFS: multimail/0.50~20150922-1 [ITA] Bug#693230: Fwd: Bug#806572: RFS: multimail/0.50~20150922-1 [ITA] Bug#693230: Fwd: Re: Bug#806572: RFS: multimail/0.50~20150922-1 [ITA] Bug#694798: ITP: ruby-websocket -- Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol Bug#694798: marked as done (RFP: ruby-websocket -- Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol) Bug#695129: marked as done (O: snooper -- Captures communication between two external serial devices) Bug#697477: ITP: ostree Bug#697821: ITP: ppsspp -- ppsspp: A portable PSP emulator. Bug#702134: Processed: retitle 702134 to ITP: koha -- Koha Integrated Library System, owner 702134 Bug#706469: marked as done (RFP: minetest-modpack-mobf -- Minetest ModPack providing a framework for creating mobs) Bug#715022: marked as done (ITP: bitz-server -- ICAP server (RFC 3507) implementation in C++) Bug#717814: marked as done (RFP: custom-printf -- OCaml syntax extension for printf format strings) Bug#717815: marked as done (RFP: textutils -- OCaml library to create ASCII table and print a list in a columnize way) Bug#719624: xrdp: changing from ITA to O Bug#719779: marked as done (ITP: ruby-rbvmomi -- interface to the VMware vSphere API) Bug#725396: marked as done (ITP: network-manager-ssh -- SSH VPN integration for NetworkManager) Bug#730992: marked as done (O: xprintidle -- utility to print user's idle time in X) Bug#731877: marked as done (O: handlersocket -- HandlerSocket plugin for MySQL) Bug#733520: marked as done (RFP: python-flaskext.restful -- Extension to Flask for building REST APIs) Bug#736380: Still looking to adopt? Bug#738096: marked as done (ITA: rep-gtk -- GTK+ binding for librep) Bug#738097: marked as done (ITA: librep -- lisp command interpreter) Bug#738138: php-file-find: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#738469: marked as done (RFA: twinkle -- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) SIP Phone) Bug#738469: RFA: twinkle -- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) SIP Phone Bug#738894: marked as done (ITA: heroes -- Collect powerups and avoid your opponents' trails) Bug#738895: marked as done (ITA: heroes-data -- Required data files for heroes) Bug#738896: marked as done (ITA: heroes-sound-effects -- Optional sound files for heroes) Bug#738898: marked as done (ITA: heroes-sound-tracks -- Optional sound files for heroes) Bug#738901: marked as done (O: urlscan) Bug#739035: about debian bug #777651 Bug#739035: RFS: syncterm/20141022+dfsg-1 [ITP] Bug#739035: RFS: syncterm/20150627+dfsg-1 [ITP] Bug#740678: about bug 740678 Bug#741881: update Bug#742022: marked as done (O: avbin -- cross-platform media decoding library) Bug#742517: SpineML_2_BRAHMS packaging progress Bug#742518: Packages ready Bug#742999: Git Repo Bug#743404: #743404 RFP: eslint -- tool for static analysis of ECMAScript (JavaScript™) code Bug#743638: marked as done (ITP: shairport-sync -- AirPlay audio player) Bug#743638: RFP: shairport -- Play music streamed from iTunes/iPads/iPods Bug#745025: Looking for sponsor Bug#745027: Missing dependencies Bug#745669: marked as done (ITP: pnmixer -- Volume mixer for the system tray) Bug#745791: marked as done (ITA: libopenobex -- OBEX protocol library) Bug#746554: Bug#770603: fte - package sponsorship Bug#746554: fte - package sponsorship Bug#747509: marked as done (ITP: openalpr -- Open source Automated License Plate Recognition library) Bug#747824: ITP: atom -- hackable editor Bug#749042: O: fcmp -- Free media files for FreeCraft Bug#749043: RM: freecraft -- RoQA, Dead Upstream, Superceeded by (already removed) software Bug#749494: (no subject) Bug#752264: marked as done (ITP: neovim -- vim's rebirth for the 21st centry) Bug#753466: (no subject) Bug#756089: ITA: gfxboot -- tool to test and create graphical boot logos Bug#756090: marked as done (ITA: irker -- submission tools for IRC notifications) Bug#757768: ITP: libjitsi -- advanced Java media library Bug#757770: RFH: pgadmin3 -- graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL Bug#759703: Questions about Kea Bug#760683: marked as done (ITP: node-mocks-http -- Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions) Bug#761512: marked as done (RFP: previsat -- satellite tracking software for observing purposes) Bug#761901: marked as done (RFP: caja-dropbox -- Dropbox integration for Caja) Bug#762385: Moving foward with the mailpile ITP Bug#763843: marked as done (ITA: mathjax -- JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML) Bug#763962: changing back to ITP Bug#763962: marked as done (RFP: python3-flask-restful -- REST API framework for Flask applications) Bug#764400: marked as done (O: mediawiki-extensions -- Extensions for MediaWiki -- Meta package) Bug#767461: RFP: ssllabs-scan -- a command-line client for the SSL Labs APIs Bug#767988: marked as done (ITA: plotutils -- GNU plotutils command line tools) Bug#767988: O: plotutils -- GNU plotutils command line tools based on libplot Bug#768073: ITP: lxd - The Linux Container Daemon Bug#768073: status of LXD debian package Bug#768968: marked as done (ITP: pyuca -- Python implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm (UTS-10)) Bug#769928: ITP: python-instagram -- A Python 2/3 client for the Instagram REST and Search APIs Bug#769928: marked as done (ITP: python-instagram -- A Python 2/3 client for the Instagram REST and Search APIs) Bug#770087: marked as done (ITP: corebird -- Native Gtk+ Twitter client for the Linux desktop) Bug#770129: RFP: html5tidy -- “tidy” HTML 5 in the wild to well-formed XML or HTML Bug#770372: RFA: rc -- implementation of the AT&T Plan 9 shell Bug#771020: marked as done (ITA: git-remote-gcrypt -- encrypted git repositories) Bug#774481: marked as done (RFA: gogoc -- Client to connect to IPv6 tunnel brokers) Bug#775021: ITP: lxcfs -- FUSE filesystem for LXC Bug#775512: with steamcmd would you be also able to register/make a new account ? Bug#777064: marked as done (ITA: surf -- Simple web browser by suckless community) Bug#777064: O: surf -- Simple web browser by suckless community Bug#777672: marked as done (ITP: python-cpopen -- Pure C implementation of the important bits of pythons Popen) Bug#777692: marked as done (ITP: python-pthreading -- Reimplement threading.Lock, RLock and Condition with libpthr) Bug#778719: marked as done (ITP: ublock-origin -- general-purpose lightweight ads, malware, trackers blocker) Bug#779490: marked as done (ITP: three.js -- lightweight 3D graphics library) Bug#779680: (no subject) Bug#780558: adopting it Bug#780608: marked as done (ITP: freelan -- P2P VPN daemon) Bug#781946: marked as done (ITP: complexity -- tool for analyzing the complexity of C program function) Bug#782420: marked as done (ITP: gr-fosphor -- gnuradio fosphor block (GPU spectrum display)) Bug#782763: ITP: sirius -- Speech and Vision Based Intelligent Personal Assistant Bug#782812: created gnusocial repo Bug#782812: Update on latest build Bug#783209: marked as done (ITP: corebird -- Modern, easy and fun Twitter client) Bug#784103: marked as done (ITP: lua-mediator -- Event management in Lua for clean and decoupled code) Bug#784865: Maintainer Bug#784985: marked as done (ITP: libjs-graphael -- Charts for raphael) Bug#786805: Adopting y-u-no-validate Bug#786805: marked as done (ITA: y-u-no-validate -- browser extension to make security exceptions temporary by default) Bug#787953: ITP: insubstantial -- Swing libraries (flamingo/substance/trident) Bug#788539: [PATCH] Find Python module dependencies Bug#789145: ITA: mythes-it -- Italian Thesaurus for 2 Bug#791432: O: glances -- CLI curses based monitoring tool Bug#791878: Info received (ITP: sauvegarde -- Saves files live while beeing created or modified in a deduplicated manner.) Bug#792751: marked as done (ITP: e2fslibs1.41-dev -- legacy ext2/ext3/ext4 file system development libraries) Bug#793057: Godot packaging Bug#794776: ITP: sphinx-argparse -- Sphinx extension that documents argparse arguments and options Bug#794776: marked as done (ITP: sphinx-argparse -- Sphinx extension that documents argparse arguments and options) Bug#795038: marked as done (ITP: pylint-flask -- Pylint plugin for code using Flask framework) Bug#795901: marked as done (ITP: pd-iemutils -- collection of general purpose) Bug#795995: marked as done (ITP: android-platform-libcore -- Core Java libraries for Android) Bug#796484: marked as done (ITP: kxstitch -- Cross stitch pattern editor.) Bug#796550: ITP: sonic-pi -- a new kind of musical instrument : teach programming and music Bug#796550: ITP: sonic-pi -- a new kind of musical instrument : teach programming and music Bug#796554: marked as done (ITP: kxstitch -- Cross stitch pattern editor.) Bug#796644: marked as done (ITP: pbdagcon -- sequence consensus algorithm implementation based on directed acyclic graphs) Bug#796648: marked as done (ITP: python-q -- quick and dirty debugging output for tired) Bug#797021: marked as done (ITP: midicsv -- translate MIDI file to CSV) Bug#797134: marked as done (RFP: ruby-acts-as-list -- Gem version of acts_as_list Rails plugin.) Bug#797136: marked as done (RFP: ruby-cliver -- Cross-platform version constraints for cli tools) Bug#797140: marked as done (RFP: ruby-cocoon -- gem that enables easier nested forms with standard forms, formtastic and simple-form) Bug#797153: marked as done (RFP: ruby-riddle -- An API for Sphinx, written in and for Ruby.) Bug#797155: marked as done (RFP: ruby-sprite-factory -- Automatic CSS sprite generator) Bug#797156: marked as done (RFP: ruby-thinking-sphinx -- A smart wrapper over Sphinx for ActiveRecord) Bug#797160: marked as done (RFP: ruby-websocket-driver -- WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O) Bug#797222: marked as done (RFP: ruby-xmlhash -- A small C module that wraps libxml2's xmlreader to parse a XML string into a ruby hash) Bug#797535: Update Bug#797702: Bug#797702: ITP: grafana -- feature rich metrics dashboard and graph editor Bug#797798: marked as done (ITP: bagel -- Computational Chemistry Package) Bug#798037: marked as done (ITP: php-mf2 -- Microformats2 is the simplest way to markup structured information in HTML) Bug#798201: marked as done (ITP: htsjdk -- Java API for high-throughput sequencing data (HTS) formats) Bug#798220: marked as done (ITP: pbbam -- Pacific Biosciences binary alignment/map (BAM) library) Bug#798418: marked as done (ITP: hugo -- Fast and flexible Static Site Generator written in Go) Bug#798695: marked as done (ITP: libbson -- Library to parse and generate BSON documents) Bug#798711: marked as done (ITP: libmongoc -- MongoDB C client library) Bug#798812: marked as done (RFA: realtimebattle -- Programming game) Bug#799026: marked as done (ITP: gr-hpsdr -- gnuradio interface module for HPSDR) Bug#799137: marked as done (ITP: debian-astro -- Debian Astronomy Pure Blend Metapackages) Bug#799539: [Pkg-shinken-maint] Removing shinken from Debian in about a month Bug#799539: Removing shinken from Debian in about a month Bug#799829: tyr-quake both quake1 & quakewolrd close to conservative engine stable-based Bug#799938: marked as done (ITP: disque -- Distributed message broker) Bug#800019: marked as done (RFP: writer2epub -- Create e-books from LibreOffice Writer documents) Bug#800019: RFP: writer2epub -- Create e-books from LibreOffice Writer documents Bug#800144: marked as done (ITP: python-requests-toolbelt -- Useful classes and functions to be used with python-requests) Bug#800155: marked as done (ITA: zotero-standalone-build -- organize and share your research sources) Bug#800335: marked as done (ITP: libcereal -- C++11 library for serialization) Bug#800340: marked as done (ITP: snap-aligner -- Scalable Nucleotide Alignment Program) Bug#800379: marked as done (ITP: llvmlite -- Python binding for LLVM for writing JIT compilers) Bug#800734: marked as done (ITP: ruby-threach -- Threaded each) Bug#800740: marked as done (ITP: ruby-pathname2 -- alternate implementation of the Pathname class) Bug#800742: marked as done (ITP: ruby-fixwhich -- ruby module that emulates the 'which' program) Bug#800939: marked as done (ITP: python-openstackdocstheme -- extension support for Sphinx OpenStack doc) Bug#801229: marked as done (ITP: fpga-icestorm -- Tools to handle the bitstream format of Lattice iCE40 FPGAs) Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager Bug#801583: marked as done (ITP: python-ironic-lib -- common library used by various Ironic projects) Bug#801721: marked as done (ITP: python-pyfaidx -- efficient pythonic random access to fasta subsequences) Bug#802038: marked as done (ITP: php-htmlawed -- PHP code to purify & filter HTML) Bug#802226: marked as done (ITP: gnome-twitch -- GNOME Twitch app for watching streams without a browser or flash.) Bug#802392: marked as done (ITP: node-esprima-fb -- Facebook-specific fork of the esprima project) Bug#803092: marked as done (ITP: python-cookies -- RFC 6265-compliant HTTP cookie parser) Bug#804004: marked as done (ITP: ros-cmake-modules -- Repository for CMake Modules ) Bug#804007: marked as done (ITP: bcftools -- utilities for genomic variant calling and manipulating VCF and BCF files) Bug#804029: marked as done (ITP: ros-rosconsole-bridge -- development files for rosconsole-bridge) Bug#804031: marked as done (ITP: ros-rosdep -- rosdep package manager abstrction tool for ROS) Bug#804035: marked as done (ITP: ros-roslisp -- Lisp client library for ROS, the Robot Operating System) Bug#804036: marked as done (ITP: ros-rospack -- development files for librospack) Bug#804037: marked as done (ITP: ros-rviz -- 3D visualization tool for ROS.) Bug#804040: marked as done (ITP: ros-vcstools -- VCS/SCM Pythin source control library for svn, git, hg, and bzr) Bug#804041: marked as done (ITP: ros-vision-opencv -- camera_calibration_parsers ROS package - development) Bug#804042: marked as done (ITP: ros-wstool -- Commands to manage several multi-SCM repositories) Bug#804135: marked as done (ITP: libsass-python -- SASS for Python) Bug#804192: marked as done (ITP: rhythmbox-plugin-alternative-toolbar -- Replace the Rhythmbox large toolbar with a Client-Side Decorated or Compact Toolbar which can be hidden) Bug#804216: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-biasedurn -- GNU R Biased Urn model distributions) Bug#804277: Consul builds from source now Bug#804405: marked as done (ITP: acbuild -- utility to build and modify App Container Images) Bug#804405: Wrong bug number. Bug#804490: marked as done (ITP: pd-purest-json -- pd library for working with JSON data and RESTful webservices) Bug#804490: RFP: pd-purest-json -- pd library for working with JSON data and RESTful webservices Bug#804711: marked as done (ITP: pd-puremapping -- Pd library for complex data mappings) Bug#804712: marked as done (ITP: pd-nusmuk -- a random collection of useful Pd objects) Bug#804824: marked as done (ITP: ros-actionlib -- Robot OS actionlib library) Bug#804825: marked as done (ITP: ros-angles -- Robot OS set of simple math utilities to work with angles) Bug#804826: marked as done (ITP: ros-bloom -- Bloom is a release automation tool from Robot OS) Bug#804827: marked as done (ITP: ros-bond-core -- Messages related to Robot OS bond_core - development) Bug#804924: marked as done (ITP: ros-ros-comm -- Robot OS comms-related libraries and tools) Bug#804929: marked as done (ITP: ros-dynamic-reconfigure -- Robot OS dynamic-reconfigure library) Bug#804931: marked as done (ITP: ros-eigen-stl-containers -- Robot OS wrapper for eigen) Bug#804932: marked as done (ITP: ros-class-loader -- Robot OS class_loader library) Bug#804934: marked as done (ITP: ros-geometric-shapes -- Robot OS geometric_shapes package) Bug#804935: marked as done (ITP: ros-geometry -- Robot OS geometry libraries) Bug#805331: marked as done (ITP: ros-image-common -- Robot OS camera and image libraries) Bug#805332: marked as done (ITP: ros-laser-geometry -- Robot OS laser geometry package ) Bug#805333: marked as done (ITP: ros-navigation-msgs -- Robot OS Map/Navigation messages) Bug#805334: marked as done (ITP: ros-pcl-conversions -- Robot OS library to convert from/to PCL data types) Bug#805335: marked as done (ITP: ros-pluginlib -- Robot OS library for plugins) Bug#805336: marked as done (ITP: ros-python-qt-binding -- Robot OS python bindings for QT) Bug#805337: marked as done (ITP: ros-random-numbers -- Robot OS random numbers package ) Bug#805338: marked as done (ITP: ros-resource-retriever -- Robot OS resource_retriever library) Bug#805339: marked as done (ITP: ros-robot-model -- Robot OS model libraries and parsers) Bug#805507: marked as done (O: catdoc -- MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter) Bug#805548: marked as done (ITP: asciiart -- command line tool to turn images into ASCII art) Bug#805643: marked as done (ITP: php-amqp -- Communicate with any AMQP compliant server) Bug#805714: marked as done (ITP: taskw -- Python API for the taskwarrior DB) Bug#805816: marked as done (ITP: sklearn-pandas -- Pandas integration with sklearn) Bug#805925: ITP: shatteredpixeldungeon -- A mod of Pixel Dungeon with many improvements Bug#806278: marked as done (ITP: ros-geometry-experimental -- Robot OS tf2 transform library) Bug#806279: marked as done (ITP: ros-interactive-markers -- Robot OS interactive_markers package) Bug#806280: marked as done (ITP: ros-metapackages -- Robot OS core metapackages) Bug#806281: marked as done (ITP: ros-nodelet-core -- Robot OS nodelet library) Bug#806282: marked as done (ITP: ros-pcl-msgs -- C/C++ headers for PCL-related ROS Messages) Bug#806582: marked as done (ITP: libosmo-abis -- Library containing shared code regarding the A-bis interface between GSM BTS and GSM BSC) Bug#806642: marked as done (ITP: ruby-flowdoc -- gem for using the Flowdock Push API) Bug#806716: ITP: python-jellyfish -- Python library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings Bug#806748: marked as done (ITP: fgallery -- static HTML+JavaScript photo album generator) Bug#806767: marked as done (ITP: libzstd -- fast lossless compression algorithm, targeting real-time compression scenarios) Bug#806914: marked as done (ITP: dhcpstarv -- DHCP starvation utility) Bug#807039: marked as done (ITP: python-openstackdocstheme -- extension support for Sphinx OpenStack docs) Bug#807309: marked as done (ITP: montage-wrapper -- Python wrapper for the Montage mosaicking toolkit) Bug#807426: marked as done (ITP: aggressive-indent-mode -- Emacs minor mode that reindents code after every change) Bug#807449: marked as done (ITP: klaus -- simple easy-to-set-up Git web viewer) Bug#807465: marked as done (ITP: ruby-babosa -- library for creating slugs) Bug#807615: marked as done (ITP: printer-driver-indexbraille -- CUPS printing to Index Braille printers) Bug#807628: Disowning this ITP for now Bug#807739: marked as done (ITP: sunpy -- Software library for solar physics based on Python) Bug#807779: marked as done (ITP: snpomatic -- fast, stringent short-read mapping software) Bug#807814: marked as done (ITP: ivyplusplus -- Adds features to ivy for creating projects) Bug#807816: marked as done (ITP: lombok -- Reduce boilerplate code in Java projects) Bug#807846: marked as done (ITP: flx -- sorting algorithm for fuzzy matching in Emacs) Bug#807851: marked as done (ITP: emacs-async -- simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs) Bug#807859: marked as done (ITP: emacs-noflet -- Emacs Lisp noflet macro for dynamic, local advice) Bug#807863: marked as done (ITP: epl -- Emacs Package Library) Bug#807864: marked as done (ITP: pkg-info-el -- Emacs Lisp library providing information about Emacs packages) Bug#807894: marked as done (ITP: soup-sharp -- CLI bindings for libsoup2.4) Bug#807912: marked as done (ITP: golang-github-pierrec-lz4 -- LZ4 compression and decompression in pure Go) Bug#807913: marked as done (ITP: webkitgtk-sharp3 -- CLI bindings for WebKitGTK+ 3.0 using GObject Introspection) Bug#807923: marked as done (ITP: libjs-graphael -- Charts for raphael) Bug#807925: marked as done (ITP: golang-github-hashicorp-atlas-go -- The official Go client for HashiCorp's Atlas) Bug#807927: marked as done (ITP: ripe-atlas-tools -- command-line client for RIPE Atlas) Bug#807934: marked as done (ITP: python-ripe-atlas-cousteau -- Python wrapper around the RIPE Atlas API) Bug#807936: marked as done (ITP: python-ripe-atlas-sagan -- parsing library for RIPE Atlas measurement results) Bug#807944: marked as done (RFP: golang-github-klauspost-compress -- optimized compression packages for Go) Bug#807962: marked as done (ITP: appindicator3-sharp -- CLI binding for appindicator3) Bug#807981: Disowning this ITP for now Bug#807982: Disowning this ITP for now Bug#808072: marked as done (ITP: mdp-src -- command-line based markdown presentation tool) Bug#808074: RFA: fbreader -- e-book reader Bug#808098: marked as done (ITP: ruby-puppet-forge -- Access the Puppet Forge API from Ruby) Bug#808152: marked as done (ITP: pixelmed-codec -- some imaging codices for pixelmed DICOM image and ECG viewer) Bug#808156: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-mime -- R package which maps filenames to MIME Types) Bug#808159: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-yaml -- Methods to convert R data to YAML and back) Bug#808171: marked as done (ITP: ruby-fog-xenserver -- Module for the 'fog' gem to support XENSERVER) Bug#808172: marked as done (ITP: gitlab-workhorse -- unloads Git HTTP traffic from the GitLab Rails app (Unicorn)) Bug#808202: marked as done (ITP: pbbarcode -- annotate PacBio sequencing reads with barcode information) Bug#808219: marked as done (ITP: ruby-minitar -- Provides POSIX tarchive management for Ruby) Bug#808260: marked as done (ITP: abi-tracker -- visualize ABI changes timeline of a C/C++ software library) Bug#808352: marked as done (ITP: swauth -- alternative authentication system for Swift) Bug#808373: marked as done (ITP: libwaive -- Allow processes to waive their rights) Bug#808415: marked as done (ITP: rhythmbox-plugin-alternative-toolbar -- Replace the Rhythmbox large toolbar with a Client-Side Decorated or Compact Toolbar which can be hidden) Bug#808440: marked as done (ITP: pkgdiff -- tool for visualizing changes in Linux software packages) Bug#808445: marked as done (ITP: vim-editorconfig -- EditorConfig Plugin for Vim) Bug#808577: marked as done (ITP: ruby-mime-types-data -- registry for information about MIME media type definitions) Bug#808605: marked as done (ITP: python-flaky -- Plugin for nose or py.test that automatically reruns flaky tests) Bug#808611: Build of JUCE without vendored dependencies. Bug#808611: JUCE is also a build dependency for OpenShot 2.x Bug#808680: marked as done (ITP: python-knockpy -- python tool designed to enumerate subdomains on a target domain through a wordlist) Bug#808708: marked as done (ITP: falconkit -- genome assembly toolkit) Bug#808771: marked as done (RFP: golang-github-mitchellh-go-vnc -- VNC client and server library for Go) Bug#808772: marked as done (RFP: golang-github-mitchellh-go-fs -- filesystem library for Go) Bug#808774: marked as done (ITP: golang-github-masterzen-simplexml -- Go library to generate XML content from a naive DOM) Bug#808818: marked as done (ITP: python-prometheus-client -- Python client for the Prometheus monitoring system) Bug#808828: marked as done (ITP: mom -- Dynamically manage system resources on virtualization hosts) Bug#808834: marked as done (ITP: ioprocess -- Slave process to perform risky IO) Bug#808841: marked as done (ITP: gmplot -- matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps) Bug#808880: Any update? Bug#808880: marked as done (ITP: betamax -- VCR imitation designed only for python-requests) Bug#808880: Package uploaded Bug#808951: marked as done (ITP: monafont-ttf -- Japanese TrueType font for 2ch ASCII art) Bug#808961: marked as done (ITP: libjs-mousetrap -- library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript) Bug#808963: marked as done (ITP: libatteanx-store-sparql-perl -- Attean SPARQL triple store) Bug#808971: marked as done (RFP: custom-printf -- OCaml syntax extension for user-defined format string conversions) Bug#808975: marked as done (RFP: pa-structural-sexp -- OCaml syntax extension for building s-expressions from OCaml values) Bug#809004: marked as done (ITP: fastkml -- Fast KML processing) Bug#809041: marked as done (ITP: libjs-favico.js -- make use of your favicon with badges, images or videos) Bug#809042: bug 809042 is RFP for package flint already in Debian Bug#809046: marked as done (RFP: golang-github-nu7hatch-gouuid -- UUID library for Go) Bug#809052: marked as done (RFP: golang-github-dylanmei-iso8601 -- ISO8601 library for Go) Bug#809338: marked as done (ITP: ruby-concurrent -- modern concurrency tools for Ruby) Bug#809364: marked as done (ITP: autosize.js -- small, stand-alone script to automatically adjust textarea height to fit text) Bug#809370: marked as done (ITP: lios -- Linux intelligent OCR solution) Bug#809384: marked as done (ITP: list.js -- perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to HTML elements) Bug#809403: marked as done (ITP: pagemon -- interactive memory/page monitoring tool) Bug#809421: ITP: purple-matrix -- Libpurple plugin for Matrix Bug#809460: marked as done (ITP: ruby-appraiser-reek -- Run Reek inside RubyAppraiser) Bug#809461: marked as done (ITP: ruby-appraiser-rubocop -- Run Rubocop inside RubyAppraiser) Bug#809462: marked as done (ITP: ruby-combustion -- Elegant Rails Engine Testing) Bug#809464: marked as done (ITP: ruby-jeweler -- Opinionated tool for creating and managing RubyGem projects) Bug#809465: marked as done (ITP: ruby-rubysl -- Ruby Standard Library meta-spec) Bug#809468: marked as done (ITP: ruby-rubysl-test-unit -- Ruby standard library unit.) Bug#809470: marked as done (ITP: ruby-racc -- Racc is a LALR(1) parser generator) Bug#809504: Fwd: Bug#809504: ITP: neat -- Nebular Empirical Analysis Tool - analysis of astronomical spectra with propagation of uncertainties Bug#809542: ITP: python-bond -- transparent remote/recursive evaluation between Python and other languages Bug#809543: marked as done (O: dangen) Bug#809543: O: dangen Bug#809544: O: ocrad Bug#809612: ITP: ruby-rubinius-debugger -- Rubinius debugger. Bug#809612: marked as done (ITP: ruby-rubinius-debugger -- Rubinius debugger.) Bug#809613: ITP: ruby-rubinius-coverage -- Rubinius coverage tool Bug#809615: ITP: ruby-rubinius-profiler -- Rubinius profiler. Bug#809616: ITP: ruby-rubinius -- A meta-gem for all the Rubinius components that are provided as gems Bug#809641: O: icicles -- emacs library that enhances minibuffer/input completion Bug#809664: ITP: seelablet -- software for the SEELablet experiment box Bug#809672: marked as done (RFP: btfs -- bittorrent filesystem - mount any .torrent file as a read-only filesystem) Bug#809672: needs manpages Bug#809672: RFP: btfs -- bittorrent filesystem - mount any .torrent file as a read-only filesystem Bug#809704: ITP: libhtml5parser-java -- HTML parser implementation in Java Bug#809735: ITP: foma -- Xerox-compatible finite-state compiler Bug#809777: RFP: clunc -- Client for LaCie U-Boot NetConsole Bug#809794: marked as done (O: libmath-bezier-perl) Bug#809794: O: libmath-bezier-perl Bug#809795: marked as done (O: libbio-das-lite-perl) Bug#809795: O: libbio-das-lite-perl The last update was on 06:08 GMT Sat Jun 08. There are 1108 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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