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Bug#738138: php-file-find: changing from ITP to RFP

Le 27/12/2015 13:17, Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
> A long time ago, you expressed interest in packaging php-file-find. Unfortunately,
> it seems that it did not happen. In Debian, we try not to keep ITP bugs open
> for a too long time, as it might cause other prospective maintainers to
> refrain from packaging the software.
> This is an automatic email to change the status of php-file-find from ITP
> (Intent to Package) to RFP (Request for Package), because this bug hasn't seen
> any activity during the last 12 months.
> If you are still interested in packaging php-file-find, please send a mail to
> <control@bugs.debian.org> with:

The problem is that this package is under php licence and not maintained
upstream. sathieu (Mathieu Parent) has filled a bug upstream [1] and I
unsuccefully tried to contact upstream authors.

[1] http://pear.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=20256

The reason of the ITP is that php-file-find is a dependency of horde
5.1.5 and we have some packages unmainted by pear with php licence and
vanished author.

If someone has an idea on how to deal with this, regarding the fact that
these packages are mostly basic ?



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