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Bug#743638: RFP: shairport -- Play music streamed from iTunes/iPads/iPods

Hi all,

Just to update you all: I have just uploaded shairport-sync to Debian
unstable/sid. It is now sitting in the FTP team's queue of new packages
for inspection before being allowed into the archive, a process that can
take anywhere from hours to months depending on their workload and the
complexity of the package.

If/once it's accepted by the FTP masters the package will land in
unstable/sid and hopefully migrate relatively quickly to
testing/stretch. I don't currently see any reason why shairport-sync
won't be included in the next stable release of Debian.

If anyone tracking this bug particularly wants to see this backported to
Debian stable/jessie, please let me know but note I cannot do anything
about this until the package is both in unstable/sid and has migrated to
testing/stretch as well.

This bug will automatically close if/once the package goes into


PS: Since the last time I sent a note on this bug I have become a DD,
hence the change of email address.

Chris Boot
GPG: 8467 53CB 1921 3142 C56D  C918 F5C8 3C05 D9CE EEEE

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