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On ven., 2016-01-08 at 00:44 +0000, bancfc@openmailbox.org wrote:
> I've been experimenting with the source package in unstable. There is 
> still some security advantages of building the source package such as 
> unique RANDSTRUCT values not known publicly: 
> https://github.com/Whonix/grsecurity-installer/issues/1#issuecomment-
> 169819722

Yeah but that's definitely not the point here, which was to provide a binary
package. For people willing to build their own kernels, the make deb-pkg way
is the most effective imho (or you could use Brad's build service).
> Installing the build dependencies on Debian stable would upgrade a lot 
> of core libs to unstable. Can you consider adding the gcc and other 
> build tools Debian stable versions to the package control file?

I actually have a jessie branch which I'll try to upload to jessie-backports
at one point. For now it's available on my repository, as previously.


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