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Bug#639910: Packaging sbt


On 05/01/2016 16:32, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> The "easiest" solution is probably to start with a non-free sbt package
> containing a prebuilt version of sbt, and then upload in main a sbt
> package depending on itself with the prebuilt sbt removed. I would use
> only one sbt package, instead of sbt-bootstrap in non-free and sbt in main.

Note that you can very much include a working sbt binary in the source
package and use it the bootstrap sbt. The only condition that we must
respect is to not ship that binary in the package, but ship the built
binary only. This is done for many packages: OCaml for its bootstrap
and most probably ghc (didn't check tbh). Also, compiling gcc requires
a gcc. :-P

My 2 cents,


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