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Bug#610087: ITP: corsix-th -- Open source clone of Theme Hospital

Le dimanche 10 janvier 2016, 19:49:21 Phil Morrell a écrit :
> Hi Alexandre,
> I see you've got corsix-th as far as the NEW queue, congratulations
> and sorry for my unhelpful offer then silence - I struggle with
> actually getting started with development. I have also now learned how
> to subscribe to the BTS, as I didn't notice when you began the
> packaging in git.
> I attempted to rebuild the master branch for a local jessie backport,
> but the configure step failed to find libswresample [571] which is not
> in the libav port in jessie - upgrading to the [ffmpeg] provided
> packages in jessie-backports solved that problem. I've attached a
> patch that shouldn't affect sid, but forces the version number to
> match the ffmpeg packages - this seemed simpler than adding a
> compile-flag [WITH_LIBAV=ON] which would only be relevant to jessie,
> making backporting more complex.
> [571]: https://github.com/CorsixTH/CorsixTH/issues/571
> [ffmpeg]: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/ffmpeg
> https://github.com/CorsixTH/CorsixTH/issues/154#issuecomment-140247412
> Is this a reasonable (small) improvement that you would accept into
> the package, or do you have any other feedback?
> If so, am I ok to simply commit it to the pkg-games repo so it would be
> included in the next build after the current NEW has been accepted into
> the archives (presumably with the next corsix-th release)?

CCing Markus which sponsored this upload

This could be done in a branch without touching master;
you're welcome to push this on Alioth.

There could also be a 0.50-2 or even 0.50-3 before a next release;
it's always possible to patch the same upstream release
as many times as needed.



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