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Bug#791878: Info received (ITP: sauvegarde -- Saves files live while beeing created or modified in a deduplicated manner.)

Description: Sauvegarde is a set of 3 programs and a library
that may achieve live and continuous backup of files in a
deduplicated manner. Particularities are:
. The server is stateless and has a small memory footprint.
. Deduplicating files is done at the block level with either
  fixed or adaptive block sizes. 

New version v0.0.7 has been released on January 3, 2016. It
has a basic all-in-one debian package that can be downloaded
from: http://cdpfgl.delhomme.org/download/packages/debian/

Source code for v0.0.7 version can be downloaded from:

Git cvs can be reached at:

Everything is released under GPL-3 version except images
from pixmaps directory that are released under CC-BY-SA-4
(thoses are not included in .deb package at this time).

Thanks for your time, Olivier Delhomme.

Continuous data protection for GNU/Linux: https://github.com/dupgit/sauvegarde
Current version v0.0.6.

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